Downtown hotels


I wonder what ever happened to this hotel? The auto shop moved out of that space awhile back.


Just saw on the news about Courtyard by Marriott is looking to build a 12 story Hotel where the firestone garage is located now. I don’t have the link but i will look online and post it here soon. 11/9/18 I don’t understand…if the City ( DTR ) is in need of hotels , why not build a 30 story Hotel so that visitors…bussinessmen…and folks going to Convention events have a place to stay within close walking distance to the Convention Center. Oh by the way it was WTVD 11 news that aired the story on Downtown hotels. 9…10…12 story Hotels and You are calling them Towers…they are not towers…stop saying that. :thinking::unamused::disappointed:


Thanks for the heads up. Here’s a link to the story.


Thanks, Steve. after watching it, It would make some sense to see if the 12 story Courtyard by Marriott will do well on room capacity , SO…I hope that another High rise hotel next to the C.C. gets built. the enterprise rent-a-car lot next door. It would be a perfect fit and guests would not have to go far for Convention events. :hotel::cityscape::hotel::cityscape:


Actually, I believe that article is incorrect. The Courtyard by Marriott will be constructed on the Enterprise lot, at McDowell / Cabarrus. Winwood’s new property is the Firestone garage, so it must be a different hotel.

And as for the dual-branded Hilton Garden Inn / Homewood Suites hotel planned for the lot next door, at McDowell / Davie, I’m not sure what’s going on. It was announced several years ago but the only movement I’ve seen were rezoning signs on the property. That was at least a year ago, maybe more. I’ll have to look and see if I can find information on that.


As a reference, here’s a map I created showing the locations of all known hotel projects in the Downtown area, regardless of their likelihood:


Good map. Raleigh could probably absorb all of these but I’d like to see them diversity in size and price range. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a market (yet) for a big 800+ room hotel or a luxury hotel downtown in the minds of hotel developers.


I agree. Charlotte has luxury hotels popping up all over the place, but its largest hotel of any kind is still the 700-room Westin (there is talk of a 1000+ room convention centre hotel, though). Given that we’re still a long ways from that level of demand, I think this is a good start. Depending on the branding of a few planned hotels in downtown Raleigh, I think there might still be enough demand even after the construction of a few more of those already planned to justify more luxurious accommodations.

Also, it seems that the block immediately south of Nash Square is really becoming the “hotel square” of Raleigh. Three of its corners have hotels planned. :thinking:


Here’s a great read on this topic. I love this graphic too.


I think we either need more events or more business to drive larger hotels. I’m hoping for the latter, personally.


Same here…Both Events and new business here in DTR would benefit downtown. But i still believe that a High rise 300+ hotel next to the Convention center would be a great addition. More jobs, more businesses…more retail, a win/win i think.:cityscape::hotel::cityscape::hotel:


I agree. I’ve never understood the fascination with getting conventions. This seems like a constant arms race to attract a limited number of events (like when cities build an increasing number of casinos). I think focusing on a strong economy is a much better strategy for DT in the long run. Maybe someone with better knowledge about the convention industry can make a counter argument.


I am sure that there’s a value proposition for conventions that the convention and visitor’s bureau can articulate. It would seem to me that top tier conventions would bring business leaders to Raleigh and showcase what the city has to offer, in addition to bringing more business into the immediate DT market.


I was told that Firestone closes after this Friday, Nov 30. Should we get a pool going for which hotel starts first on this block?


I think the race will be between the Firestone hotel and the Nash Square hotel. Since the Nash hotel is already in the review process, I’m inclined to think it will start construction first. I don’t have much faith in the Hilton Garden Inn / Homewood Suites project at this point.


So with Firestone site that’s 3 hotels in one block right?

Again, the purchaser of the Firestone property said they’re not building until the others are built and they can assess the market. It’s not a losing game to hold onto downtown property as it is not hard to sell off again, profitably. This is why we have amazing amounts of dirt and gravel parking lots in DTR.


I would love to see a more high end hotel, such as a Ritz in phase III of smokey hollow! We do NOT have anything like that downtown :frowning:


I really would love to see at least ONE high rise hotel that will stand out, Hyatt for one, Raddison hotel or a Westin in DTR. If demand for more hotels is needed, and I say IF…then build a 400 room 20 or 30 story hotel, then build all the 10 story buildings that you want.

Note : Pic is a Example . but then you would look at the demand for high rise hotels in the region to see if it would be a good fit for DTR, which I’m sure it would. :hotel::office::department_store::office::hotel:


That’s great but that building doesn’t meet the City of Raleigh requirement for excessive vehicular habitation.


At say $4,000,000 an acre, there are about $40,000 a year in property taxes, but I suppose that doesn’t hurt those big companies.