Downtown hotels


Given the places that DO have a Westin, I’m surprised Raleigh doesn’t yet have a proposal for one downtown. I think some of those condo over hotel over retail proposals of a decade ago, are Raleigh’s best chance to get what you’re envisioning, but that’s just my thought on it…


Won’t they pay property taxes on its last valuation? If so, those taxes could be way lower.


I honestly don’t know the last valuation but 8 years ago that was the top end land value downtown. It’s more in the 6-10 range now depending on where. I just took an educated stab at current valuations (rate being about 1% for city+county)
Edit: The Turnkey corner is valued at $3,955,017 for 0.73 acres (that excludes the building). Morts is $1,109,639 for 0.17 acres. Buffalo Tire is 5,352,492 for 0.82 acres. Looks like I was spot on.


Hilton needs to s*** or get off the pot with that parcel they own (maybe not the best metaphor, but you get my drift). That abandoned garage has been a festering eyesore just sitting there for years now along one of the main arteries into the city. If they’re not going to build a hotel anytime soon, they need to either sell it or at least do something promptly to address the blight. This is just inexcusable at this point.


Addressing the “need” for downtown to have an upscale hotel like a Westin… Believe it or not, Sheraton and Marriot share that same tier of “upper upscale” hotels along side Westin. I think the Westin name carries an idea of more exclusivity but as far as the actual quality and experience, they’re on the same level. I would like to see downtown attract one truly luxury brand though. As well as at least one more upper upscale hotel like a Delta. Just not sure the market is there for it right now.


For what’s worth every Days Inn I’ve stayed in is comparable to any Westin or Marriott I’ve stayed in (about 10 of each). The difference is the Days Inn gives you free Wifi and at least continental breakfast. At least up to the Westin/Martiott/Sheraton level, it really *is just a name. And perhaps you get to share walls with just other people who can afford that price. So I guess I’m saying the brands really have no effect on my feelings at all, notwithstanding my eventual stay at a truly luxury place…whatever that means or is.


You have found better Days Inns than I have.


If you can’t tell the difference between a Days Inn and a Westin, then I guess keep your money.

I agree that downtown needs some higher end hotel options. But I don’t think it’s going to need a Four Seasons or something anytime soon. This is Raleigh, not Atlanta…


Any word/rumors about the proposed hotel over on Wilmington Street next to the McDonalds? We keep talking about the ones on Dawson/McDowell area, but never mention the one on Wilmington…


The type of industry we have in Raleigh doesn’t demand high end hotels. Even if we landed some more big tech presence, it’s not the type of industry that typically stays in expensive hotel rooms.
However, we do need more hotel rooms to entice more conventions.


Raleigh is seriously lacking in the upscale hotel game. I found this out when looking for a hotel to stay in after our wedding downtown next year. I think we’re gonna end up just driving out to the Umstead…


Agreed! And the Umstead is great! Unfortunately, since its the only one of its kind around… it’s becoming more and more busy.


What is amusing (at least to me) is that the Umstead was built because the neighborhood behind the Arboretum in Cary was raising such a fuss that the Cary Commissioners would not pass anything worthwhile at the then proposed site (where the Apartments at the Arboretum is now located). So the Goodknights got involved and built and even greater hotel at it’s current location that was removed from any neighbors who could petition against the project.


I mean, a bigger lobby, hotel bar and restaurant, two shower heads and extra ingratiating staff aren’t worth 2-10x more in my opinion. I can tell the difference. The different isn’t in the rooms, except that the cheap places also give you a refrigerator in addition to breakfast and free WiFi. Sure the expensive places also have luxury suite options…I’m talking about the standard King room here. Truly, though, I get it. And I make my decisions accordingly.


I really just want a good mattress and pillows, cleanliness, an iron, wifi, and a TV that works. The perks like an in room coffee pot, and buffet breakfast are nice-to-haves. Most everything else is throw-away in my opinion. I almost never use the gyms or pools (who has time?), and I almost never eat at a hotel restaurant or drink at its bar. Those are just sad when there’s a new city to explore.


I think the hotel at Wilmington was supposed to be an Element right? So kind of a funky upscale extended stay hotel I believe.


I’m more concerned about what the lack of hotel development says about the market in DTR. The total number of proposed hotels that seem to be going nowhere has definitely got me concerned. If the market won’t support mid-range hotels, I don’t see how we can attract an upper tier establishment. I’m sure DTR will eventually have a “4 diamond”, and sometime in the distant future, a “5 diamond” but the lack of activity is a little disheartening.


The major employer downtown is the State Government. It’s not the sort of “industry” that excites hotel developers.
IMO, the biggest miss for Raleigh is that the state’s wealthiest resident puts his money in Cary, not the capital city. :frowning_face:


The Element hotel site is located right at the edge of the Prince Hall Historic District, and I think that may have caused some additional scrutiny. But the developer still hasn’t finalized the purchase of the final and largest parcel, which is owned by the General Baptist State Convention. I believe they had agreed to sell previously, so I’m not sure what’s going on. But regardless, the Element hotel is no longer even listed on Starwood or Marriott websites, so I’m guessing that it’s not happening anytime soon.


This is a great point. And these stalled proposals also hold a bunch of land hostage. Like, a lot of land.