Downtown Raleigh Strollway

Very Intriguing. I hope to make it out there and see what they do with this street closed off.

Raleigh’s first downtown open streets event, Stroll in the Streets, is Sunday, Oct. 17. During the event, the 1.3-mile stretch along Lenoir Street and South Saunders Street between Chavis and Dix Parks will be closed to traffic to allow for walking, biking, art and play stations, food trucks, and more! Join us at this event to help us imagine the possibilities of this strollway.


I love this! My family will participate.

Hope this is a springboard to more permanent pedestrian improvements.


They do this in Atlanta called Streets Alive. Attracts a huge crowd.
No clue where I made the post, but I think I had proposed Martin St to be a permanent ped only street.


A lot of people have tried for years to put on an open streets event in Raleigh. It’s finally happening and we need to get the word out. This event has taken a lot of work and coordination between city departments and I fear it’s not getting enough publicity to get a lot of folks out. Please plan to participate if you can. Getting more people to support infrastructure and policy that encourages active transportation is a key to mitigating climate change. And it’s a great way to to enjoy our city together.


We live off Lenoir St. and this is the first I have herd of it. We will definitely be attending but no clue this was happening until now.


It’s also 3 weekends from now. I assume it’ll be on the news as it gets closer.


I know, crazy. Thanks for planning to attend.

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Yea, 2 weeks from Sunday to be exact, I just figured since this will close a significant section of Lenoir St. they would mail out letters to the residents. This will also re-route the 22, 5 and I think 13 GoRaleigh Bus routes on Sunday for 5 hours.

Either way, let’s hope the Chirba Chirba truck shows up and parks close enough where I can make multiple trips.


Same. Looking forward to it though!


The pessimist in me says that cross streets, like Dawson and McDowell won’t be closed. Does anyone know if this will be a true closed street, 100%?

In Atlanta, signalized cross streets were open. Of course Streets Alive corridors in Atlanta are typically 3-6 miles long so it’d be logistically impossible not to.
Even in this stretch, while just part of 1 day, I don’t see it possible to not have at least some cross streets open.


Right - similar situation here. I don’t think Dawson and McDowell will be closed.


Doubt NCDOT would allow that even if the City had the will to do it.

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You’d have to have a fully signed detour on other state routes and I believe a public meeting for a complete state route closure.
Not impossible but then we’re talking loads of money for a 4 hour event.

One thing I thought of, if they routed the event like this…

You could run it over MLK and avoid blocking Dawson / McDowell

Looking at it from a realistic stand point: every greenway, every trail, etc has street crossings. Maybe they’ll modify the cycle lengths or have manual control to allow more uninterrupted cross time due to the pedestrian volumes we’ll see. But as far as an multiple mile uninterrupted route in a city, I don’t think we see that anywhere.


Looking forward to it!

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We used to have one of these when nobody wanted to be downtown.


The layout has been released, the food trucks will only be a couple blocks from my house which will be perfect.

This layout shows the closures occurring through McDowell and Dawson, although I doubt that will actually be the case.


Has anyone seen a post for the food trucks / vendors in attendance for this…?

Pop up roundabout at Bloodworth and Lenoir!


Lol love the little tree!