FNB Tower (Charter Square)

God if they could only been able to add 10 to 15 more floors, that would have been a much more significant impact.


What, beside the Reynolds “The Raleigh” tower was proposed at over 20 stories? Edison? Ha.

The Lafayette and the original One Glenwood are two concrete examples. I also recall 30 floor residential/hotel plans for either the 401 Hillsborough block or somewhere adjacent. There was also a 30 floor building planned for the block north of the PNC tower? Or somewhere adjacent to there.

Point to any block in Raleigh being developed now, there was likely something taller planned for it 12 years ago.

I’m willing to concede some of this is not due to the height limit but the fact that we will never really fully return to the housing market we had pre 2008, and Raleigh’s highrise market was never as strong as the boom cities it is often compared to. To say the UDO isn’t contributing though seems unlikely.

I definitely think that the financing options that were available pre-2008 contributed to the grander plans for housing in particular.
I also seem to remember that First Citizens planned a tower downtown. Perhaps that’s the one that you’re thinking of to the north of PNC?


Call me lame all one would want… I loved 7th grade. We complained for years for density over height and now thankfully, we have the density equation pretty much solved. Now, it’s only natural to expect height to enter the discussion as long as the city policies are not self limiting. It is quite obvious the UDO (DX height designations) are serving as a barrier restriction to developers. Its not that a developer cannot stand before the city and ask for height increase on designated land, its just that they do not want to take the time after dumping millions to purchase the land. The proof is in the pudding when every developer stops and 20 floors outside of the central Fayetteville spine. The city really needs to put its head together around simplifying the re-zoning process between 20 to 30/40. Not everyone has the patience and deep pockets of Kane.


I like the idea of inserting 30 floors in here. With the way that the UDO is written, it’s like the city is asking for just two heights of buildings. They could follow a format that is similar to their current math, or they could go with something that’s consistent, and allows for an average of 15’, floor to floor height.
20 floors: 250’ (300’)
30 floors: 400’ (450’)
40 floors: 500’ (600’)
As for density, I’m all in for it and it seems to have legs of its own to continue into the future. Thumbs up from me!


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I believe everything should also tapper down towards Union Sq. We don’t want the Capitol in a bit surrounded by tall towers, not that its possible with the churches and state buildings, but I still like to be able to see the sky and a view from that square in particular.

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Layfaette was proposed as 21 stories so one story more is all. One Glenwood never had a serious proposal from the Paramount folks. Raleigh MSA still maintains a list of the projects discussed in any fashion from the time period in question.
Edit: apologies @Vatnos , at least from the formative stage, several proposals over 20 were being openly discussed including One Glenwood. I’m still chalking it up to the overzealous pre 2008 crash though.

There is no guarantee you’d get 25/20/15 if the whole block was set at 40. The UDO *is working the way it was designed to. What you’re saying is the UDO isn’t written the way you wanted it to be written. I don’t don’t know what the source of the 40/20/12 step-down is but it really down’t bother me one bit. There is just this broad assumption that Raleigh is being stifled by it which I contend is false.

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Yeah, I seem to remember that the developer of The Paramount wanted to put a residential tower at the south end of Glenwood, though I thought it was supposed to be the other side of the street.

I guess you overlook all the snark directed at me around here? Don’t single me out. I find it offensive. I actually agree that places like the eastern half of 301 and N&O we should go up as high as the developer wants to. *My reason is because it takes pressure off the [finite] historic resources a tad further out that the 20 story footprints get pushed out into. I know the other reasons and have gradations of agreement with them. I still think the place we’ll eventually see 50 or 60 stories is where the Sheraton parking garage is on Salisbury.

I found the article from 2007 and you’re right, east side. And Vatnos was right too, it was talked about as between 20 and 30 stories. Obviously the mortgage securities bubble killed it…
“Raleigh lawyer and real estate investor Andy Sandman is finalizing plans for a mixed-use building tentatively called One Glenwood that could stand between 20 and 30 stories high with around 200 condominium units, ground-floor retail and a parking garage.”…
…“The One Glenwood project will be about seven blocks south on the east side of the block bound by Glenwood Avenue, Hillsborough Street and West Morgan Street. Land acquisition hasn’t been completed, but one tract is occupied by Chisholm Chiropractic.”

Thanks to my secret accomplice for teaching me to read hidden content.

The hook for this project was that, despite being over a train track valley, the east view condos would have had some pretty great views. I’m pretty sure that the bubble did kill it.


I liked the idea but thought it was putting too many on the market plus wasn’t convinced the site would easily hold such a heavy building without essentially digging out the entire embankment between the bridges and setting at the level of the tracks. Anyway, I am surprised the current One Glenwood folks haven’t bought to control the view situation.

FTW, the rendered building on the far left was the Hillsbourgh.

Which, I believe, was overscaled in the future skyline.

This picture taken through the chain link fence and the best angle I could get to show that they have started the stone work on the pillars. Hopefully all the ugly orange will be covered up soon.


I’m sure somebody else has a better view of this but they’re glassing up the resi section now. I’ll try to get out this weekend to get some aerial updates of various sites around DTR.


As I was driving by this morning, I notice that they had placed the American Flag at the top now :slight_smile:

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