FNB Tower (Charter Square)


Agreed…thank you, Leo!


Here is a link that I saw that I can see Raleigh become, I hope folks can see this link. https://ggwash.org/view/31174/tysons-corner-skyscraper-will-be-regions-tallest Looks a lot like what John Kane is doing at North Hills, But would love to see this in Downtown Raleigh. 20-25 stories tall is fine, but would love to see one more high rise of 40 stories tall in Downtown Raleigh.


Base has been expanded over the parking entrance. They’re working quickly, won’t surprise me if FNB Tower is more than half way tall before the end of the year.


As of 5 minutes ago.


June 15, 2018 at 9:05 am

Getting the 2nd floor concrete forms built for what I assume is a loading bay, also forming up the elevator shaft walls. Fun to watch!


Any updated pictures available? Also, only thing I can find says the height will be 316’. Is that accurate?


Rejoice, it is being built fast.


From city plaza.


That fence is tight! I can usually find a nice crack in it to snap a wider photo but not this project. :yum:


One more from across Wilmington St.


From the Charter Square building, 4th floor this morning. Coming right along!


Bobby , I was told by a very reliable source that 316 feet is correct !


Getting ready to pump the 2nd floor! (half the floor)


Does anyone know the expected completion date as it stands now? Also read from @nipper.dwight that 316 ft. height is nearly confirmed…!? Hey our first tower between 300-400 ft.


I think that the PNC tower I’d just over 300ft


Riders on the Storm


PNC Plaza is 538 feet tall.


I captured time lapse of nearly every minute of this pour. I’ll assemble the video and post a link here once done.


That small building on corner where that awful JD design firm is, can that building be torn down now?
What a pathetic idea for a one story building, so ugly on that corner!!


Got the video put together. Hope you enjoy!