FNB Tower (Charter Square)


Awesome video! Thanks for sharing.


Very cool :sunglasses:
Thank you very much for sharing!


This is unbelievable ! How in the world do they do the top floors ?
How is concrete pumped 300 feet high & then pumped to the floor area
for the 20th to the 22nd floor ?


Imagining how much that one slab of concrete and rebar weighs gives me incredible appreciation of towers and the engineers that design them.


They either lift the concrete up in buckets using the tower crane or they actually pump it up using a contraption that looks like a skinnier tower crane.


Awesome work, Dylan! I am amazed how much flex there is in the tower crane. It really shows up in the time lapse!


Great video, thx you for posting.


I wonder what is considered the first floor on the building? Wilmington Street or Fayetteville level.


My guess is Fayetteville. I’m thinking the Wilmington side is going to be loading bay, etc and it doesn’t look like it’ll have much sqf.


No retail on Wilmington is a pathetic missed opportunity, no building built in downtown Raleigh shouks not have retail, look at that awful Metropolitan apartment building.


I agree, Raleighwood. Treating Wilmington Street and Salisbury Street as alleys for loading is a disservice.


I think we’re getting another half a floor of concrete today! And they’re already making fast progress on the 3rd floor on top of what they poured last Friday. So fascinating watching this!


Thank you for the post. It would be especially cool if FNB actually had a video-cam, especially for time lapse…:blush:


Couldn’t agree more! There often times is a cam on an adjacent rooftop for that purpose but I’m not aware of one.


Thursday, 5 July:




Today’s update, 3rd floor being poured.


Who’s got my FNB tower picture update today?


FNB tower picture “fix”? :joy: