FNB Tower (Charter Square)


Eventually it will overtake me. :frowning:


Would you say that it’s moving at about a floor a week or every other week?


I would say 1 a week depending on the weather?


We’ll see a money shot impact in the Fall then.


About 1 floor every week to week and a half. I’m sure it will get more complex once they reach the residential portion and work will slow down.


That thing is going up crazy fast so far. Wow!


Unfortunately it will only be the tallest in the block because of the lame crown–by just a few feet. Technically the top floor of the old Progress Energy tower will be higher.


So it’s going to basically be the same height as one progress? Why was I thinking (hoping) it was going to be noticeably taller than that. Ugh.


They are listing a pre-construction height of 316 feet for FNB.
One Progress currently stands at 277 feet tall.
So roughly 40 feet difference.


Oh ok that’s enough of a range to see a height diff between buildings, I think, I hope.


Still it’s sad to see Downtown Raleigh’s height really peaked in the late 1900’s. PNC Plaza was a fluke. Notice how the ‘will-be-announced before summer’ N&O tower has disappeared from radar? I don’t think we will see the next tallest tower for at least a decade or two.

At least we have culture unlike other boom towns…:ok_hand:


Yeah I agree with you, the PNC was a fluke. I do appreciate the street level experience and culture too but that still doesn’t lessen the blow for me that our height peaked in the 1900s. I wish we could have both.


Maybe the occasional show, parade, or 3 day event…otherwise…kinda sad…:disappointed_relieved:


Meanwhile more details on the 33-story Walter at North Hills:

I agree I wish we would see 30+ and 40+ announcements in DT


I wouldn’t hold your breathe on that project, it’s been in the “pre-leasing” stage for almost 4 years and changed renderings 3 times.
I was told the high-end units at Park Central aren’t leasing as quickly as they anticipated. It’s been open more than a year and still has a “Now Open” banner hanging down the side.


At Least Build one good 40 story High rise in Downtown Raleigh, then build as many Low rise buildings as you like.


You should check the area out. I ride through there on my bike to downtown and back. Smaller roads there are very bike friendly. I would say the East of Moores Square area has the most mix in income levels of any part of Raleigh. Massively different incomes within 100 yards of each other. Also, go check out Roberts Park on a Saturday during the day. If you have kids take them and play on the playgound. Nice area.



Well the Hotel has signed on and the 20 story has broke ground so… yah


Hotel? 20 story???
Color me confused…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: