FNB Tower (Charter Square)



Awesome pics! Thx for the fix. :joy:


I really like the Wilmington view right now!


I was referring to the 32 and 20 story towers going up in NH that Drew was referring to. The 20 Story portion broke ground last week or so. the 32 story portion just confirmed Marriot’s Autograph Collection hotel will be a tenant of 10 floors. It will break ground at the beginning of fall. Once Kane says something is breaking ground, it breaks ground.

Plus, once they add that 350,000sqft of office space in the 20 story tower 4, and 300,000 in the pre-leasing tower 5 on the expansion land it will create more demand for living space.

Also just to note, the NH Cardinal is adding a 15 story tower, breaking ground around March 2019. So there will be three towers going up shortly.

Not to mention if the rumored 40 story First Citizens Bank HQ tower plus multiple mixed use towers go up on the FCB space, and the rumored 30 story tower where JC Penny is, and what ever Dewitt is going to put up, then North Hills will be booming.

Also there is supposedly a plan to put a walking/cart bridge over Capital to better connect North Hills to the shopping portion for their local transit system and for pedestrians.


Me too. I had to zoom in to realize what view it was from, I was so impressed. Love it!


Also, it is amazing how fast FNB is going up. when is it supposed to be finished?


The meteoric rise of mediocre North Hills…

Someone please convince First Citizens Bank to HQ in DTR. Literally two sites in DTR are waiting for their prime tenant. And don’t forget the prestige of being the tallest building in DTR.


I think the thing is, they own all that land already in NHs. They have a lot of land amassed there. they were originally going to do this around 08, but stopped during the recession. back then it was a 25 story project.


Just a few weeks FRANCISCO, nice pic


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New concrete pouring tower installed in the middle of the construction. Building getting large enough to need new devices to continue work.


If you ever want a perspective exactly opposite of yours, let me know. I’m on floor 6 in the nearest corner of the Charter Square building. You’ll probably see a blue-lit column which is basically my desk. LOL


New national law firm McGuireWoods just signed a lease at FNB tower.
This brings their occupancy rate to 60% already and they aren’t 1/3 complete with construction.
I hope other developers with pending projects read this and become encouraged to break ground.



We’re trying to find 10k sqf to expand our Raleigh office and it’s been challenging including FNB, Glenwood 2 (not yet started), the Dillon, and the new tower in North Hills not yet started. Office space in Raleigh is not plentiful even with the new construction so there should be justification for addition project from what I can see.


Currently Raleigh just has property investors and not developers except for a few like Kane. Nothing is being built except the value of the land. Buy land for $10 million sell for $15 million.


Partially true, but working in the industry a go amount of it is people waiting on amazon’s announcement. The belief internally where I work is that Raleigh has a better shot at Amazon then what most believe.

Either way, one Amazon makes a choice we should see a launch of new construction regardless of the decision. If Amazon does pick Raleigh, then there are going to be a lot of requests for zoning variances.


Anyone got any more pictures of the construction for this site? I am thirsty for more…Lol


Come on… someone has to have a camera for those of us that live on the edge of the belt line



Thank you!
It looks like the 5th floor is being built?
Ah!!! Just what I needed. Oh, yeah! :blush: