FNB Tower (Charter Square)


16 and a half floors to go. Positive change once it’s done.



Some photos from my “smoke break.”


Will this building be concrete the whole way up, or will they switch over to steel at some point? Steel goes up much faster than concrete. Still, looking forward to this addition, just wish it were 5 or 10 floors taller :slight_smile:


(guess) It’ll be concrete all the way up

Leo, give me a heads up next time and I’ll do my hair and wave for the camera. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Leo, that really fills the void on lower Fayetteville. Handsome building except for the top.


Thanks Leo ! Love This Project !


Thank you Leo!
Looks like you enjoyed your smoke break…:blush:
It’s not just being in DTR. It’s having a camera and knowing how to use it, which you obviously do, to the appreciation of all! :heart:


Looks like FNB Raleigh is up to the 6th floor.

It’s exciting to get some nice height back in to the downtown core!


Are my eyes that bad? Lol…
I only count 5…:thinking:


They are building the floor of the 6th floor…


Lol I think that’s the roof of the 5th floor. Tomato tomatoe


There’s only one roof. :wink:


Was driving around downtown last night daydreaming of what’s to come and realized that at 6 stories, FNB is almost as tall as Charter Square is at 10 stories - now this could be my bad eyesight in the dark (and using my fingers to “expand” it 4 more floors) but… getting closer to 10 stories, it’s hard to believe it would then be DOUBLE that height. That would be massive! Is it more likely that once they start building the residential floors, the floor to ceiling height will decrease drastically?? Or is this really going to be as massive as my imagination is letting me believe? Have they actually announced the official projected height, or has everyone on here just estimated? Because I’m thinking this thing could end up well above 300ft.


The distance from slab to slab on the residential part is less than the office floors. It will be noticeable.


The official height will be 316ft. Still the fourth tallest in Raleigh!


Wishful thinking on my part then! Still happy to have something in the 300-399ft range - finally! A few more of these would be better to me than one single supertall, at least in the near future.


I’d much rather have a few more of this size than have a single
700 footer.


I would rather have BOTH… :grinning:


…and if you were forced to choose one or the other?
Also, when does a few become several???:thinking: