FNB Tower (Charter Square)


This hits the blog tomorrow but why not share now, right? I snapped this earlier today.


Wow, this building is going up much faster than I imagined. Looks like I need to make another detour downtown and check out the progress in person. :slight_smile: Fingers crossed that my company will move us to DTR in 2021 when our lease is up out here in BFE.


I’m on the 6th floor of the Charter Square building and I’m looking nearly level at the 6th floor of the FNB building.


I like the matching blue… and this thing’s gonna be hot once they start slappin that glass on it.


I wonder if the residential pool deck is going to be above or below the roof of the other Charter Square building? Does anyone know? The renderings seem to show it below. That would be unfortunate. It would be terrific if the that was above the roof for a extensive southern view.
Also, with several floors of the building being residential, I am not sure how this building gets to 316 feet, unless it’s because of the parapet wall/crowning of the building.


I’ve said on other topics that Raleigh has a “missing middle” of building heights in the 300-399 range (We have three above 400 and numerous in the 200-299, with more on the way). Don’t forget that FNB will actually end up as the 5th-tallest in Raleigh once Kane starts his 31-floor tower in North Hills…that one, I think, is listed at 365. Pretty crazy to have your fourth-tallest tower outside of downtown, but welcome to Raleigh!


Seems as though the first 10/11 floors are going to be roughly the same height as Charter South and I’ve seen that one listed as 180 ft and also 215 ft. Not sure which is right but if it’s 215 then the other 11/12 stories will easily be 100 ft even with less space between the residential floors.


My estimation based on renderings is that the pool will be on 7 or 8, which would mean it’s going to be below the height of Charter Square. I think tenants in Charter Square higher floors will have a fantastic view of sunbathers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well Durham’s tallest rather out nowhere. So at least that’s an improvement.


From this rendering on the Choate website, you can see how the commercial floors have a layer of spandrel glass between the floors, indicating taller slab to slab height, and a plenum above each leased floor for mechnical, etc. I’m going to guess that it’s probably around 15 feet or so slab to slab. Then, there’s a transition in the rendering below the open amenity deck before the residential floors continue without the spandrel glass. Those levels will likely have soffits extended down from the slab to run building systems. In residential floors, I’d expect that slab to slap is about 10 feet.
If one expects a monumental first floor of 20 feet, counts the commercial floors from the rendering at 15 feet each, then counts the residential floors at 10 feet each, the building tops at 250. I suppose that the parapet wall/crown + the drop (15 feet???) from Fayetteville street to Wilmington Street makes up the other 66 feet to get to 316’? That seems like a stretch to me. If I’m off by 6-12 inches for each slab-slab measurement, it would probably make more sense.
Speaking of that crown, I sure hope that it’s brightly lit like the rendering suggests it is.


i only count 21 stories? are they counting the below-fayetteville level on wilmington? i really wish they hadn’t built the parking deck 10 years in advance. this could easily be another 50-100 feet…


I think your slab to slab for residential might be off by a couple of feet (guessing from both visual and functional indicators… rendering looks more like 12’, and I’d expect ceilings to be 9-10’ AFF plus mechanical and structure).

Assuming 20’ ground level, 6 floors at 15’, that floor that’s just spandrel at 12’ (guessing it’s depth for the pool and also mechanical?), 13 floors at 12’, 1 3’ parapet, and 20’ crown, we’re at 301’. Then if the remaining 15’ is the service/loading level on Wilmington as the site slopes down, it’s all accounted for.


I’d be shocked if residential rental floors are much more than 10ft slab to slab.
Maybe the penthouse level is 12’?


Hm. Never worked on a tower above 10 floors (let alone residential), so I wouldn’t know. But you’re probably right… I was thinking ducts would be entirely concealed in the plenum, but now that I’m thinking of it, it’s usually a bulkhead/soffit on one side of the apartment, so 10’-11’ is totally realistic.


Building permit paperwork has it as 21 one floors since 2017. Not sure why the news keeps saying 22 stories.


It might very well be 21 floors from Fayetteville St. and 22 floors from Wilmington St. Also, you can bet your bottom dollar that the total height of the building is being measured at its lowest base on Wilmington to its crown on Fayetteville St.


I live in this type of building and that’s exactly how it’s done. Systems are below the slab and soffits are typically dropped nearer the central core with areas closer to the window wall opening up the full height between the slabs.
In a rental, there’s just no way that the slab2slab is going to be much over 10ft. Maybe its 10 feet clear between the slabs with another 6-7 inches of actual slab? If so, that adds several more feet to the height, but it doesn’t add a few dozen.


And Greensboro’s tallest by floor height (and second tallest overall) the Koury Center Hotel is out by a mall as well.


Isn’t Durham’s tallest now downtown?


Each residential floor would be more like 12+ feet. 9-10 foot ceilings + 2-3 feet of material in between.