FNB Tower (Charter Square)


I’m wondering how many of these large cranes can stay up for the Hurricane?


I was thinking the same thing. I seem to remember during Irma last year, they just left them up in Miami and let them swing.


Here’s your answer.

Cranes will be left up, but left to spin freely. It sounds as if they have a lot of safety procedures to run through, but can withstand fairly high wind speeds.


Some updated aerial shots from midday today.


Definitely saw you flying your drone around earlier. Had a feeling it was for pictures of this building.


Does anyone know if the city is going to have its winter ice rink this year? If so, where? It clearly can’t go into the construction zone.


Nope. No plans to do that this year.


Bummer. Too bad that the plaza on West St. @ Union Station wasn’t flatter. It would be an awesome place to put a winter ice rink.


Okay, so those slabs at FNB have a waffle-like construction with deeper structural ‘beam’ sections that are integral to the slab that run both E/W and N/S through the building’s slabs. The depths that are seen at the exposed ends of the slabs do not represent the depth of the actual slab itself, rather the depth of the integral structural elements. I call is waffle-like because in a typical waffle slab, the rhythm of the structural section looks much more like, well, a waffle. In this case, there are significant spans of thinner slab among the integral structural elements.


Looks like they’re working on the first major utility level. I wonder if this is where the residential floors start (pool area) or if there’s a few more floors of office before that happens.

edit They have officially started working on the residential part of the tower! 6 floors of office space has been poured and now the development of the ‘club’ level has begun! edit

13 Residential floors
1 Club floor
6 Office floor
1 Ground floor

That’s 21 floors and yet they’re still calling it 22 stories.


I’m sure it will not have a 13th floor, thus 22 stories.


Fake News! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure they are going to get to 316’ like they originally said


If the architect drew 316’ they’ll get there, although it will likely be measured from Wilmington St.


I seem to remember seeing 316’ and 290’ though. I don’t recall actually seeing how tall the architect said it would be.


We’re slacking you guys!


Love , Love , Love This Project Leo ! Thanks A Million For All That You Do !


I’m planning to get some closer shots on a Sunday (not this coming) when the site is inactive. This was taken from across the street.



Some additional aerial shots from yesterday while the site was unoccupied.