FNB Tower (Charter Square)


Those are awesome. Do you have your 14 CFR part 107 certification or is this just “hobby” flights to where you don’t need them (not for Commercial use…)

I’ve been studying for that course since I’m going into Construction and drones are very useful in the industry so I was just curious.

I’m glad you waited until the site was unoccupied, because the biggest liability for Commercial use is flying over people without having a waiver signed. I’d love to see more pictures as it goes up though, but don’t want you to risk getting in trouble for flying in a potential “No Fly Zone”.


I have my part 107 cert though I got it mainly to help pay for my hobby. That said, I have yet to charge anybody for my work. lol

Glad you like the shots. If you have any other specific areas around downtown you’d like to see, let me know.


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Great pictures! Thank you!
If you’re serious about other shots downtown, then would you consider maybe a series? It would be awesome for downtown and a first for Raleigh to start an archive of “older” Raleigh via drones?


I’d love to participate in such a project. I’m probably not the best to determine which buildings, but I’m definitely interested in helping with the aerial shots.


There goes the pool foundation.


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Was DT this afternoon on my way Home and took this Pic, the weather sucked today.


Thanks Maverick333 for this picture ! This is my favorite project !

State of Downtown Raleigh

You are welcome nipper.dwight…I will be glad when they finish the Building.



Great to see the residential floors going up! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Now that they have finished the transition from commercial to residential space I imagine the remainder of the building will go up fairly quickly


Great photos! Thank you!

It appears to me that they are working on the 13/14th floor?


Photo from the top of the Duke Energy building. The crane will definitely get taller.


I believe they’re onto the 12th level (from Fayetteville) now:


Great pictures, my thanks!


These photos are the perfect example of why you cannot do 20 floors of commercial space under the 250 ft limit in the UDO. Just look how much larger the slab2slab distance is on the commercial floors than the residential ones.


Likely could be done if it’s not cast in place.
Build with steel.

This message brought to you by steel.


Still not likely. If floors were evenly distributed, and if one attributed just 10 feet for the roof assembly, roof top services and parapet wall, that would leave each floor to floor distance of just 12 feet. Typical office spaces have 10 ft ceilings and a plenum above for mechanical, electrical, network, etc. Cramming all of that into a space of less than 2 ft isn’t going to cut it. Never mind that a first floor lobby/retail floor is likely to have a higher ceiling. if one did build a 20 floor office building all-in at 250 ft., it sure wouldn’t be a desirable building because something would have to give, and I suspect that would be ceiling height.