FNB Tower (Charter Square)


what’s up with the white building on top of the BoA building? I thought that was temporary during construction but that ended over a year ago.


Utility Penthouse, most buildings have one. It shields certain things from the elements, and can store some attic stock.


It’s too bad that they didn’t choose to make that more of a crown in conjunction with shielding rooftop services.


First time I noticed the windows now being installed…


Is the column wrapping or whatever that is new too ? I haven’t been around to that side of the building recently.


That is where you will see the stone being placed similar to the other building and it is not really all that new.


Starting to look like a tower!


Sadly, you are correct. I say sadly, because it is almost to the top…sigh!


Still got a good chunk to go. I only count 13 or 14 floors. Pretty confident this will be downtowns 4th tallest.


More than 100 feet left to construct, and yes this will be Raleigh’s 4th tallest building.
Pre-construction height of 312 feet make it roughly 35 feet taller than the 5th tallest building One Progress Plaza.


Love This Project ! My Favorite Tower !


They delivered the windows first thing this morning. I can’t see the front of the building from my desk but cool to see they’re already going up! To answer the building wrap question, they’ve been working on that for the past week or so.


Looks like it’s coming right along.


I think there’s 8 more floors to go


Can wait to see it finished!


It’s great that have FNB as our active tallest project in DTR. I like the mixed-use type of projects - office & residential - like the PNC project was. I guess Edison is the next major office tower that is starting up in the core? (still awaiting an announcement of an anchor like Pendo).


I think it’s a guessing game as to whether, 300 Hillsborough, 400H or Edison get going first. Seems fairly certain Two Glenwood will beat all of those out of the ground but it’s all sort of limbo feeling now…


I see the other FNB tower, the one in Charlotte, is now starting.
Like the Raleigh tower, the Charlotte one will also have a large residential component. They’re both some pretty sweet towers.



It’s interesting that they are virtually the same tower. Except that Charlotte has the extra floors because the parking is above ground. And I prefer the design a little better.


At least there’s looks like a design and not just a box with a last minute flare…Lol