FNB Tower (Charter Square)


I actually prefer our tower’s design.


Me too. I would like the height that CLT’s tower has, but something about it just looks off to me. I think the design of our tower is slightly better.


The fact that the division between uses comes halfway up the building to me makes it awkward with the ‘base’ and the ‘tower’ portion being approximately the same height, or the base actually being taller when you include the parking at the bottom. This is the same phenomenon that (to me) makes PNC Plaza in Raleigh feel awkward.

This is an example of form following function, so in that sense, it is proper modernism, but it just doesn’t feel right.


Yeah, describing the CLT tower as “off” is a perfect description. There’s just a little too much… too much fighting for your attention. I’m a big fan of the International Style design language that was found in many HOK and SOM buildings in the mid-century. IMO, simple clean lines will age much better than kitsch design language found all too often. For example, when I look at the two “legacy” towers on Fayetteville: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Hannover_Square & https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wachovia-Building-Raleigh-20080321.jpeg what stands out to me is that Two Hannover’s simpler, cleaner & lightly referenced Deco lines are aging better than Wells Fargo’s more trendy & late post modern details. Though they went up at the same time, their forms, lines, material colors, and details are very different.
The Capital Bank building https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_Bank_Plaza is a good example of a 50+ year old building done in the International Style that has proven timeless for a few generations.


I definitely agree that our tower looks better. It has underground parking instead of a few aboveground levels hidden by a hideous wrap:

Does anyone know what the street level space will be in the Fayetteville St. FNB Tower? I assume a bank branch will be included, but is there any retail planned?


If you think that this building’s parking looks “hideous”, then you must hate some of buildings at NH’s? :wink:


Yes they do! It’s very difficult to make those parking peds look right.


There’s this amazing trick to making parking pedestals look fantastic: DON’T BUILD THEM. At the very minimum make them as small as possible.


Not the best of views as this photo is taken from the Convention Center but it allow you to see how tall it is compared to it’s neighboring tower…


Actually, this is a great photo, thank you!

It actually shows a “regular” shot…i.e. not a money shot as not all can be…Thank you!


This is a great shot - it really gives us a feel for how the new build fits in with its surroundings. Thanks!


Do you know what floor they are working on?


I think the 14th? Not sure how they are counting the floors because the east side sits a floor lower than the west side…


I think they count from the East side…?


They will surely count from where they get the most floors and the tallest measurement.



From which floor is this photo taken? Counting the floors constructed, it feels to me like this photo is take from around the eventual height of the finished building. Or, is this a drone shot?


I thought this was a pretty cool view from Transfer Co. fills in that block pretty well.


Another excellent shot…thank you!


Taken from the top floor (21st) of Duke Energy building so FNB should be a little taller.