FNB Tower (Charter Square)


Yeah, but it’s still pretty close to where this building will top-off, right? Also, given that it’s shot from a pure commercial building, all of the floors in Duke Energy have a commercial slab to slab distance, while FNB has many floors of residential. It sure seems like the finished height of this tower remains somewhat of an enigma with rumors that state its final height across quite a range. There’s also the issue of the height of the highest occupied floor vs. the total height of the building including the “crown”. Time will tell.


Nice. Last time I was in Raleigh the tower just barely blocked my office view now it’s almost as tall! I should be in Raleigh tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the progress in person!


For what it’s worth, wikipedia uses this exact angle and calls it the warehouse district. Someone with edit capability, please go fix that…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raleigh,_North_Carolina#/media/File:Raleigh_Warehouse_District.jpeg


Raleigh’s edit on Wiki is horribly out of date and wrought with mistakes.


At least that’s actually Raleigh…


Please, please fix it…please and thank you!


I don’t have edit capabilities, and no idea how to do it. Why don’t you do it? :wink:


Too funny! I came sooooooooooooooooooo close to saying the same thing in my first post as I also have never edited these blogs myself…:rofl:


Wooh. That’s my photo!

I made edits to Wikipedia once so should be able to fix that. :wink:


To be fair, the building does look like a warehouse . . .


Just the wrong warehouse !


I drove by today and the crane looks like it may be higher today! Are my eyes just playing tricks on me?


Definitely taller! :slight_smile:


It’s taller and has a brace attached to the building now. I have some closeups I’m posting in a few minutes.


See the full Google Album of my FNB shots from today in the link below. A couple of highlights including the new brace for the tower and the pool.


Awesome pictures, thank you :sunglasses:

This will definitely help to bring at least a more urban feel to DTR.


I drive by on the way to work each day and love seeing the progress! I think it may be more impressive than people think.


I’m certainly liking its architecture more than PNC.


Can anyone definitively tell me how many floors are left to go? I thought it was 23 total and I’m thinking they are on floor 16 right now (??) Anyone willing to take a stab at “filling” in the rest of this building on one of @xtremetoonz photos with Photoshop or even Paint? I’m not tech savvy and am not positive what is left till top out.


If you hold on tight, you’ll have your answer in a couple/few months as they continue to pour the concrete. :wink: