FNB Tower (Charter Square)


I took the liberty of using @Justin6882’s photo to do a very quick and rough fill. Assuming the original photo shows work on the 14th floor, this is what the building should look like topped out:


Other than putting its crown on top, that looks about right to me. Great work! :+1:t3:


Thanks! I did add a faint outline of it. You have to view the photo in full size and zoom in to really see it, though.

I guess we’ll wait and see if this matches the end result. :slight_smile:


Ah…I see it now. The building will have some sort of parapet wall around the perimeter of its roof, and the "crown will likely be a bit more imposing than what you show to hide the rooftop equipment. Also, the developer may or may not make the penthouse floor taller than the others. I know that my building’s developer added an additional 2 ft to that floor. All in all, that’s splitting hairs and none of these things are going to significantly alter its height from what you show. Again, great work!!!


Thank you!! Really ends up making a pretty big impact skyline and density-wise. Looking forward to more 300+ footers in the near future!


The biggest impact this will have is the 239 apartments and the 400+ new residents supporting downtown businesses so that south DTR is less ghost town.

BTW just found this website for the tower: http://fnbtower.com/

LOL the juxtaposition of that outdated McDonald’s and modern Raleigh is hilarious.


It looks like it will be almost as tall as the current crane? Does that sound about right?
Also the McDonald’s doesn’t look nearly as silly as all that surface parking. Just lakes of wasted space.


As I expected, it’s not appreciably taller than One Progress Plaza. It’s height looks like it’s coming from that crown that adorns the Fayetteville St. facade.

What these renderings really show us is that there is tons of opportunity for towers to the east and southeast of the project. If those were allowed to exceed the current UDO, they could make a huge impact on the money shot photo.


You’re absolutely right. Also, I suppose we still don’t know if it’s going to be a true 22-story tower (since we know there won’t be a 13th floor). I accounted for 22 actual stories, but that may or may not be accurate.

But yes - this is a big win for DT Raleigh regardless of these last details.


Good point about the likely omission of the 13th floor.


You can look at one of the recent renderings and compare it to the current progress. This eliminates some of the guesswork about the 13th floor and weird utility floor.


Thanks to @xtremetoonz for the photos!

Here’s current vs. proposed from similar angle


We have quite a ways to go before topping out.


Looks like the crane will need to be elevated again before it’s done.


Would be nice if they build two Towers where the McDonalds is and across the street, all that wasted space, Build an underground parking space and put up a tall high rise there.


The crazy thing about that McDonalds is it’s one of the few that hasn’t been converted to the new style. I thought they were forcing franchisees to convert but I guess this one slipped through the cracks.


Trying to remember several years back when City wanted to develop that part of DTR where they want to build two towers there, one where the Residence Inn now stands and another tower where the McDonalds sit now, :thinking::thinking::thinking:, I may be wrong.


The owner does plan on building a new McDonalds on Wilmington St . He also owns the Peace St. location .


From what I saw, if the McDonald’s wanted to be torn down and rebuilt, it wouldn’t conform to the new UDO standards therefore it remains.

I see that as a good thing cause we have basically banned a stand-alone, suburban style building here in the future.


I actually am fine leaving it until something big is proposed there. Then just put the McDonald’s in the ground floor.