FNB Tower (Charter Square)


That Dominion Realty site has some great photos of this project! Thanks for sharing!
Plus Dominion has some other projects. Here’s a small snippet from N&O:

“There is a lot of people trying to get things out of the ground right now,” Carlino said. But “tenants have a really hard time committing to moving their offices until they see something coming out of the ground.

“FNB Tower sat vacant for a number of years, even though there was lots of interest from companies in moving downtown … but tenants were skeptical to committing, thinking it might never get out of the ground. Once you see steel going up, interest really picks up.”

Dominion isn’t the only firm having success with finding tenants to fill the new buildings going up.

Earlier this week, Heritage Properties announced that Capital Bank would be relocating its Raleigh operations to the One Glenwood tower. Adding the bank, put the 10-story building over 80 percent leased, with more than four months until it would be open to tenants.

Heritage said the success of One Glenwood has given the company confidence to continue building in the downtown area, and the company has already submitted plans for another 10-story building adjacent to One Glenwood.

And John Kane’s most recent project in downtown Raleigh, The Dillon, is already 96 percent leased, after landing Arch Capital as a tenant earlier this year.

Kane, on the back of the success of The Dillon, is also forging ahead with more construction downtown. His company recently submitted plans for building up to 20 stories on Cabarrus Street…


How is it that I found this vid via a CLT forum?? Too cool not to share.


Are you sure that’s not charlotte’s FNB tower?


CLTs FNB tower just broke ground a few weeks ago. The description on YouTube says it was in Raleigh.

“Choate Construction’s team at the FNB Tower project in downtown Raleigh jumps the crane adding 80 additional FT to complete the 22-story mixed-use tower.”

They just took down one of the cranes from the Legacy Union tower, and someone had posted a few YouTube videos about how these cranes were put up and taken down. Pretty cool in a very nerdy way. :blush:


okay. Thanks for explaining.


I can see (from the southwest) the top of the concrete boom pump peeking over the top of the Marriott. I’m guessing the building itself should start to be visible pretty soon.


It will definitely be visible from the money shot because you can already see the two shorter buildings that flank it to each side.


I had got off the Bus and was on my way to the Bank, plus grabbing a few items at DGX, walking pass the FNB Tower.


Great to see the glass going on.


Can anyone tell from these pictures what floor they are working on?


I do believe it is the 2nd and 3rd floors that they are putting the glass on


This is the rendering on an advertisement on the back of the TBJ book of lists.

Says 22 floors.



22 stories might include the Wilmington Street subfloor. They’re currently working on the 15th floor right now so 6 to go.

13 Residential floors
1 Club floor
6 Office floor
1 Ground floor (plus subfloor)


I have noticed the numbering on the outside elevator that the 1st floor is the one with the the Fayetteville Street entrance. So the entry on the Wilmington Street side will be considered the basement or whatever they will end up calling it…


Or maybe, since they probably won’t “say” or “include” the 13th floor, it will turn out to be 21 on Fayetteville street side and 22 on Wilmington street?


Just look at the rendering and count…


Ha! You are too funny…if I went by renderings, building and my hamburgers would look sooooooo much better and accurate…lol :joy::rofl::wink:


Yummy, 22 story hamburger, lol


Actually the website speeds it all out pretty well www.fnbtower.com.


Very Good Video ! A Great Addiction To Our Skyline !