FNB Tower (Charter Square)


Our skyline certainly is addicting! :wink:


FNB is welcoming itself to its tower…?


this pic of downtown raleigh is an example If you look to your upper left where you see Charter Square / FNB is located, across the street on Wilmington St. side the parking lot and the Pope House is now, well…it would be cool if that part was filled in with a tower or two to make DTR more fuller per say. I would love for the city to keep the pope house or move it to the capital district, and renovate the Lincoln theatre,


There is a lot of opportunity in DT Raleigh for more towers. IMO, the density of the skyline could easily triple in the current DT boundary.


That shot really illustrates how miniscule DTR is, in terms of towers. It’s literally a few blocks of 2 or 3 streets. These high rises in downtown go up so rarely, it’ll be decades before it grows even another block wide.


There will be a moment in time when it will explode “all at once”. This is a typical pattern of fast growing cities. Everyone sits on the sidelines and waits for the first developer to go big, then when that developer is successful, the floodgates open because nobody wants to lose out on the opportunity.


I think we might be near the beginning of that explosion right now, in the area between Fayetteville St., the Warehouse District, and Glenwood South. It definitely seems to be the focus area of most new large developments.


It’s a shot of the CBD without the Warehouse district or Glenwood South.

There has always been a gap between the CBD and those other areas. 301H, 401H, and the Municipal building will start to fill in that gap.

Raleigh won’t get height but it will have a more contiguous and widespread skyline with good density.


I totally agree. I’ve been talking about the “spaces between the places” for years now and am anxious to see them filled in.


I drove down Wake Forest Road just outside of the Beltline yesterday morning and noted how the skyline is extending to the west (away from Fayetteville Street). Driving southbound, you see West, Quorum Center, SECU, Dillon, and Archdale building before you can see the taller buildings along Fayettevilie Street. It was a cool perspective to see the skyline “open up” or “grow” as you drove farther and farther to the south. True DTR is not on the same scale as NYC or Atlanta (or even CLT :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I thought it was cool. I think I need to trek back to the top of the Duke Raleigh Hospital parking deck and take some more pics from that perspective. Hopefully we will see some significant changes in the skyline over the next few years.


Between John and Jack’s comments Both are right with One concern though…Given such growth from Glenwood South and the warehouse district and Up towards Peace and down by City Plaza ( FNB ) Such explosive growth is great…BUT…can Transit handle such a growth given the fact that our current transit is not exactly 100% great. I’m not sure I can wait decades for another 30 story tower to rise in DTR, but then I guess I have too,


Exactly. Raleigh is starting to finally attract large, and accomplished real estate investors from across the US. With faster development timelines than most local developers (excluding Kane of course).

I feel like Raleigh is 2 or 3 more national stories about the opportunity here, away from that explosive boom in urban development.


WTVD-11 news reported back in December I believe that JP morgan Chase, or Chase bank is looking to add branches in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, so I hope that they add their headquarters in DTR and build a High rise in downtown, another attraction to the Downtown business core.


They will have a branch location at the new Midtown East Shopping center where the Wegmans will be located. I would think JP Morgan would want to be were the major players are located, unfortunately in Charlotte but anything is possible.


So true, anything is possible, if they did chose Raleigh, other Big companies will follow suit.


Guys, JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank, by assets in the US. They are headquartered in New York and ain’t moving their HQ anywhere. All they are doing is simply adding branches to expand their geographic reach which has not been in the Sourheast, historically.


Donley’s Concrete Group reached level 14 slab placement on the FNB Tower in # Raleigh , NC. Only 9 ½ floors to go! We are proud to be working with @ChoateConstruction on this project and we cannot wait to see the end results! # DCG # Construction https://www.donleyinc.com/portfolio/fnb-tower/ …



So it will kind of sort of look like this when the top floor has been poured?


Kind of cool to see them place the windows.


I just ate lunch at B Goods about 40 minutes ago and was watching them place that window too…