FNB Tower (Charter Square)


I took a time lapse of this process a week ago or so but can’t upload video. :frowning:


If you put it on youtube or vimeo, you should be able to embed it here in a post.


It really fills in a gap doesnt it?


I can see it starting to peek over the top of the Marriott from the west.


As I was driving into downtown this morning, from Hammond Rd, you can really see the building starting to take shape. Although not super tall, I think it will make a big difference in the skyline; especially, from the south and east.


16th floor being poured. 5 more floors to go plus roof to go.



Looks great! Thank you for sharing the pictures.


Looks awesome but this is going to be another sub 300’ building. Was hoping the 316’ was accurate but there’s no change of it being 40’ taller than One Progress Plaza.


Yeah it’s crazy we haven’t gotten an official number. But my guess is 290’ at best.


Wikipedia lists FNB as the 4th largest building in Raleigh coming in at 312 feet.


Wikipedia isn’t always accurate. Would be nice to know the source.


I’ve always found it a stretch to imagine this building much over 300ft, unless its crown is going to be taller than I imagined.


Depends how tall that angled roof line is. If the building roof is 290, can that angled thing fronting Fayetteville Street be 26 feet tall?


Yeah, that’s a possibility, but it sure doesn’t look like the crown would be that tall by the renderings. Not certain from where One Progress’ height is measured, and whether or not that a contributing factor to its overall height vis-a-vis FNB. All in all, I don’t expect FNB to be appreciably different in height visually compared to it.


If it comes up just short can we put a gigantic flag pole on top of that thing so we can get the 300-400’ monkey off our back?


took this pic as it was raining, I know my lens is dull…Sorry.


Just peeking out from behind the Marriott


Is it visible from the “money shot” yet?