FNB Tower (Charter Square)


I took this picture last night. Looks to me that its starting to peak above the others.


hahaha bye red hat! i mean IBM. (still bitter they took buku away)


Now I’m wondering…do you think booting Buku could have been a condition of the sale? I’ve seen that happen when selling apartment buildings…make the old landlord to the dirty work.


If I am seeing this correctly, and I may not be, it looks as if the actual picture of the Red Hat and the words “Red Hat” will still be visible…? :face_with_monocle:


I thought the same thing. Red Hat may still be visible.


Just saw in a advertisement for the property (so take with a grain of salt) that tenant upfits will begin in June of this year.


That appears to be correct, from that angle.


Haha yeah i zoomed in and you’re right. I was only teasing anyway, and I’m glad to still be able to see the red hat logo at least


I can’t imagine they cared that much, tho you may be right. It might have been some quick conversation where they were like, yeah maximize that office space for now. Who cares about another restaurant downtown? Oh well.


Seems about right considering today’s article in TBJ with CEO of Dominion.
“The mixed-use project will reshape the skyline on Raleigh’s most prominent corridor when it opens this summer”


That’s fast progress!
Tho that article is wrong about Wade V. It hasn’t started construction at all yet. I live right there


Interesting about his history playing tennis at State and traveling internationally due to tennis and being exposed to urban areas Globally. It’s nice to hear that a Raleigh developer has that sort of background.


FNB peeking out as seen from Dix Park Flower Field.


That is One Heck of a view…thanks for posting.


after doing some shopping and seeing a friend for Lunch I took this pics, had used my second cell phone since my other phone had some scratches on the lens, much better I say. walking around DTR before catching the Bus home. even if i had a Car I still ride the Bus on weekends to get around and meet friends for lunch.,.dinner or grab a Beer at a Bar.


Really starting to fill in the gap that was there


Very glad to see this coming into view. Thank you for the updated pictures!


When you can , go to The Dillon 9th floor observatory deck for a great skyline view ! It is open to the public !


17th floor being prepped for concrete and the framing the the 18th floor has started. Only 3 more floors to go after that.


A nice building, but a skyline dud.