FNB Tower (Charter Square)


That about sums it up in not much over the 20 character requirement. :wink:


Yep! I like Dave_M’s characterization. This tower looks great but gets lost among the other midrises.
Now if it had been next to the Dillon it would really rock the skyline. Contrasted with the 23 story Durham City Center tower, which is such a stunner and owns the sky.

However this does bring hundreds of new residents to the core. So a big green check mark there.


One City Center in Durham is 28 floors.


The Edison will also be stuck between the PNC Plaza and Skyhouse so it won’t make such a remarkable change to the skyline.


But it’s not all that tall. While I don’t trust everything that I read in Wikipedia, it states that it’s only 296 feet tall. Emporis says 300. Either way, it’s not really any taller than FNB, it just looks taller because everything around it is shorter.


Its 322 from sidewalk to top of roof penthouse screen wall.


I was referring to OneCityCenter in Durham. Are you referring to FNB? In any case, the Durham tower tops out at around 300 ft. but the perception is that it’s taller due to floor count. Residential buildings are always shorter because slab to slab distances are in the 9-10 foot range, while commercial slab to slab distances are ~50% greater.


Oh sorry. I’m talking about One City Center. 322 comes from the construction docs.


Would be nice to see the construction documents for FNB so we could get a definite answer on how tall it actually is going to be.


My grandfather is actually working on the tower, he might be able to give some insight on how tall it is. I think I read it was 316 feet ir something like that.


That would be great because I think we’ve heard 290 and 316 and everything in between


I can text him and ask. I’ll get back you y’all as soon as possible!


According to my grandfather, who is one of the construction managers, the FNB Tower will be 286’ 8”.


Well that’s disappointing to hear but thanks so much for the clarity!


Well , At 316 feet tall , it would have been my present favorite project !


For those who remember, the issue with the height of this tower was not the financing or desire to not go higher, rather, the pre-existing support columns of the underground parking could not support the height and weight of something bigger. JDavis directly addressed this in their Appearance Commission meetings that they were maximizing every inch that was allowed by code. Unfortunately, the architects were handicapped by what had been built out years before.


Too bad there’s a perfectly good block of underused property next door.


That puts it at a whopping 10 feet taller than OneProgress. No surprise to me.


Cps, is the crown (orwhatever it’ll be called) included in that 286’ or is that just the building itself?


I’m not sure, I’ve asked but now waiting for response.