FNB Tower (Charter Square)


The only thing is is that it doesn’t look like it’s only 10 feet tallest then One Progress, it’s looks significantly taller by Raleigh standards.


The 286’ is the height of the roof, but he isn’t sure how high the crown is but he said it is high than the 286’.


Oh ok well then maybe it will crack 300ft with the crown.


That makes sense…


This is total guesswork, but it looks like the height (at it’s highest point) is maybe as tall as two floors? You just need 14’ to crack 300…

Much of the building probably won’t be 300+


I’m continuously amazed how much people obsess about height.


Yes I agree. I don’t care that much about the height myself and I think it’s probably the least important thing about a building really, but with said I mentioned some time back that Wikipedia has it at 312 feet.


maybe the crown (tiara?) will push it to 312’


The building adds density to downtown and much-needed residential space and street life to that part of Fayettville St., and to me that’s more important. The height isn’t amazing, but it’s acceptable and fills in an empty lot on our main street.


I’m 5’-8 3/4", and you better not forget that 3/4 of an inch! LOL. :rofl:


There’s always someone who is surprised on a ‘skyscraper site’ that people are fans of high buildings. (I get it, this site is more than ‘skyscrapers’, but geez).
(yes, we want good street activation, liveable, human scaled communities, etc etc).
But for tower height, most of us want MOAR!


Lets take a poll. I’ll go first.
___Care. _X_Don’t Care.


Lol I’ll go second.

I care about getting some more visually impactful buildings downtown. Among other factors of course.


I’d like to see taller, more visually striking buildings too but there’s really no incentive for developers to do so. Land for the time being is still too bountiful and the demand really isn’t there yet. Plus many developers/architects seem to equate bland with cost effective so that’s the route they’re gong to go as long as the city is unable to force them into changing. Perhaps if the S Saunders development is cheap and pretty that will up the ante for other developments but that’s probably a long time comin’.


I would also like to see taller skyscrapers that define the skyline more.


I care more about density downtown and a few feet here and there isn’t significant. There are so many undeveloped or underutilized blocks downtown. I care more about those gaining traction with projects than FNB being 280’ vs 302’. I’m very excited about the possibility of Sleep Hollow Phase III being “up to” 40 stories as that will extend the downtown skyline. Visually impactful as well as dense and continues activation of Sleepy Hollow and Seaboard.


Whoa, where did you see Sleepy Hollow Phase III being 40 stories? Thats great news


They want it zoned for 40 stories…


From this am


That’s a great shot. Big time gap filler