FNB Tower (Charter Square)


Looking Good ! Thanks for sharing Evan ! Raleigh View Rd. is off of
Old Garner Rd . FNB should look great from there !


Awesome! Thank you!
Am I seeing correctly…16 floors complete? 6 more to go?


It certainly has played out that the streetscape is approachable and usable. The underground parking deck, plus plenty of restaurant space and the bookend nature of the street, has turned out well.


Mmm the black/blue glass is looking good.
It’s interesting how FNB already has several levels of windows done where as the Peace project hasn’t really started with windows yet. But FNB must be a bit simpler/standard compared to Peace, which has a grocery store (and a much bigger footprint) to deal with.


Agreed. Not an absolute stunner but it certainly meets expectations.


FNB is pretty square/90 degree angles at corners. Peace St. building has much more geometric variances to it. Not that that means they should be that far behind in installing glass panels, but an observation. The footprint is also much larger which could impact timelines and gates where they would start glass panel installation. What I said could also make no sense and Leo can delete my post. LOL


The Peace project has mostly “punched” openings that need stud walls to be erected before the windows can be placed into them. FNB is pretty much a uniform curtain wall… after the slabs are up, they can go straight up the building with curtain wall.


Also, judging from this photo, it looks like FNB is using a unitized system for at least part of the facade. This can be installed in 1/3 of the time of a stick-built system, because the curtain wall is prefabricated in modules and glazed at the factory and then hoisted onto the building, as opposed to being constructed and sealed pane-by-pane at the construction site. A unitized system is very rare for Raleigh… I only know of the SECU tower and RDU terminal 2 that have used one, although I’m sure there are others.


There are windows going in at Peace.


If you look from the south or southeast I think this building will actually make an impact on the skyline.


Great perspective. I like this angle!


Looking at the renderings, I only see 3 more stories to go up still. Getting close!



I snapped this Otw to work this morning.


Yes, I would suspect from the I-40 Hammond rd exit, it should feature pretty predominantly from that view. Though it may just end up blocking out other buildings, like City Plaza and the ProgressEnergy (whatevs) building, and not necessarily adding to the skyline, more superseding it.


I count 17 floors. By my count that would mean 5 more plus the “crown”


The Wilmington Street bridge before the long gone Cargill plant has quite the amazing view of the construction progress and change in skyline if anyone with a drone wants an interesting angle to shoot the skyline and get the FNB tower in.


Wonderful Pics. Once the FNB tower is finally built, I would love to see the wilmington st side of DTR get some attention, and build a tower there.but with the Lincoln theater and the pope house on that lot, there will have to be some careful planning, perhaps moving the pope house to the northern part of DTR along the capital district.


Also I bet Raleigh View Road off of Old Garner Rd. would be great !


@maverick333 @nipper.dwight

From your mouths to “John Kane’s” ears…lol :wink:


Then push for more high density housing to create a larger market. Kane isn’t going to do anything out of the goodness of his heart. Housing almost always comes first.


My believe is that Kane’s projects ARE creating the “push” for higher density. Part of this process is simply by his achievements and the rise of land cost requiring at least more discussion regarding higher density. (office and housing)…:sunglasses: