Food Halls and Grocery Stores in downtown Raleigh

Walked by last night. Lights are on. Seems mostly completed.

So on r/raleigh the word is this will be delayed another few months (surprise, surprise). Anyone have further word?

The butchery (forgot the name) is no longer listed on the website. I’m guessing vendors are dropping off now.

Good news is that a steakhouse is coming to the Dillon along side the sushi restaurant.

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A few months?? That would be a surprise to me but things seem to have a problem crossing the finish line.

WTH? So, now they are in danger of missing out entirely on the warm weather season this year. Let’s hope that there are really good outdoor heaters and/or plenty of room inside.

Just rumors.


and I can’t wait!


Nice! the vine will be sweet when it matures. I wonder how they plan to train it along the roof structure, or if they plan to do that at all?

Ok y’all - anyone know what these storage containers are? Standard Foods has a few outside their restaurant and now I see them next to the food hall. Just curious if anyone knows off hand what they’re used for?

I’m not sure but I sure hope that they get removed, construction related?

They’re being used as a bar and food selling kiosk. They’re part of the final product.


I think that they are cool. I’m glad that they are to remain. I’d like to see the containers get branded though. They are great opportunities to establish a great sense of place.

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Then for goodness sake, please paint them…flowers, portrait, a picture of customers waiting for a drink? Lol…

There are all sorts of things that can be done with them. You can slap stickers all over them. You can let people graffiti on them. You can paint them with signage/branding. You can let them rust. You can hang wall planters on them. You can put accent lighting on them.


One of the vendors mentioned on Instagram that it may open on the last week of August. I guess early August is the new late August.

Or August 2018 is the new August 2017. I really don’t get what the holdup is. I toured it like a month and a half ago and it looked done except for the vendors putting their food in the stalls.


According to WRAL a soft opening should happen Monday 8/20.
But goes on to say “but, please, please confirm with your social media before heading out”


Exciting when it opens, great addition!
Warehouse district will be very cool with more towers, shopping and restaurants.

Somehow, I don’t see any “real” towers being built in this area of DTR. But that Is my opinion of a “tower”…:office:

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I think that 400H will be perceived as being part of the Warehouse District, and it’s really close to MSFH.