Food Halls and Grocery Stores in downtown Raleigh


Hillsborough Street is that in-between world…

I think we are much more likely to get high rises in that area vs the Warehouse District…


I heard the same soft opening date (8/20) from someone close to one of the vendors there. I’m sure the socials will be very quick to share that they are indeed open. :smirk:


there was a friends and family event there last night. saw some pics on social media. monday soft opening is still the buzz.


I drove by this evening and saw people setting up for something, but a sign said they were closed for a private event.


Oaks Fish & Chips FB page has the Hall opening tomorrow form 11:00am to 10:00pm.


It’s open now. Apparently the butcher shop is not happening tho, and the gin cocktail bar is still under construction. I wonder what happened, and also why it was delayed a month


Looks great inside! Wish it didn’t have so many non-original spots but overall can’t complain too much.


I thought I heard that permitting was at least one of the causes for the delay. I guess every individual stall whatever had to get their own permits to operate and maybe they felt not enough were ready to open with just a handful of vendors.


I would guess that since this whole idea is a new thing to Raleigh/NC that it probably just took everyone involved a lot longer than anyone expected. So, from this point forward, maybe there is a better template? :thinking: :sunglasses::grinning:


Hopefully East Transfer Co will learn from Morgan’s mistakes.
I’ll have two food halls within a 15 minute walk of home :slight_smile:


I’m hoping that @dtraleigh will make the food hall the next story on the main website.


Yeah. Someone should talk to that guy! :grin:


Does anyone happen to have any picture that they could share of the facility?



Sounds like nice variety of food and drink, hope it’s very popular place, I will be there soon


Yeah, someone really should…


I wonder what the buy in capital is to get a spot at this food hall. Looks like there’s more space east to expand the food hall and if the church on the south ever moves, expand south as well. Maybe a joint-venture to build a 10+ story apartment with the first floor as expanded food hall space?


It’s amazing… Better than I thought it was going to be. So active even at 9 pm tonight. The warehouse district, once the Dillon’s tenants are open, will be the coolest part of downtown… And already my favorite


i was really struck by this last night when i stopped by on my usual monday route. the bird scooters, the people inside and out around the food hall, and the urban outfitters about to open this week. not to mention all of the other dillon tenants, office workers, and retail spaces. it’s very cool to see this finally all coming together.

also, not sure who flagged Raleighwood’s comment, but he (she) is correct, that “church” is very odd. i only know from my passerby perspective, but there’s never anything going on there. i could speculate all day about it, but i’d be fine if the space was expanded into.


A few more from lunch today.


Holy shit is this place busy. Stopped in last night hoping to get dinner and noped out in favor of State of Beer instead. Glad it’s busy, don’t get me wrong, but why fight the crowd when I live down the block? Plan to stop in on Saturday afternoon for lunch.