Food Halls and Grocery Stores in downtown Raleigh


As always Leo, you rock! Thank you :blush:


Pent up demand - I’m sure it will calm down over time, and even more so once transfer co. Opens


These food halls will offer dining choices for many future residents and workers downtown and easily slot right into what the millennial worker and resident wants.


Got a thrill walking in, and the space reminded me of something i couldn’t quite put my finger on. And then i thought about it: an airport food court in a swanky tropical city!


Finally got a chance to see this place in person and I was very impressed. Based on how busy it was, I wonder if they’ve given any thoughts to expanding. There’s a brick building immediately east of it that seems like it would be a perfect addition.


Frankly, I think that the church to its south has its days numbered. I can easily see MSFH expand into that building all the way to the Dillon Apartments on that block.
Now, I don’t have any insider information on that. I just can’t imagine that church being able to sustain the inevitable rent increase when it comes up for renewal.


Have to wonder how much the Transfer East Food Hall will cut into their business once it opens, but beyond that the warehouse district is just going to keep growing so expansion into the old Vintage 21 space makes sense.
Hopefully they’re able to open any expansion in less time it took them to open the main food hall.


That’s good point. I’m under the impression that the Transfer Co will be a bit different, with a Saxapahaw General Store. I’d love to see more fresh food at Morgan Street, like meat vendors, etc. like you’d see in Italy or at Reading Terminal. Would love to see NC Cheese, Georgia Olive Oil, etc. all in that location. Though, maybe that would cut into the new Weaver St. Market’s business. Gotta, say, that seems like a good problem for us (the consumers) to have.


Speaking of Olive oil stores - one recently opened in city market and I was impressed with their selection.


Morgan St had a butcher market originally planned but they dropped out last minute. Definitely disappointed about that, but being there a few times, I can see it not really fitting in with the vibe. Also looking forward to Transfer Co, since they have the General Store, Burial Brewing, and the Local Seafood oyster bar/restaurant. I just hope it helps gentrify that area a bit, and not the other way around, where its “rough,” slightly off the beaten path location ends up being a problem.


“rough”? It’s a really nice quiet neighborhood. I ride my bike and or walk through there all the time.
What exactly makes it so rough or in need of “gentrification?”


I agree that a single butcher wouldn’t match the vibe. I think an expansion with ingredients rather than prepared food would be nice. It would be cool if they used it like an incubator for food companies, like an HQ for the culinary arts.


At night or on a sunny afternoon?


Both. When have you walked through there?
Feel free to just say what you mean by “rough”


Transfer Co - Olde East looks like a better food hall for gourmands but the food selection is also limiting. Man, if I was rich I would open a hawker centre or fulfill Anthony Bourdain’s uncompleted food hall concept.


I own a house 100 yards from Transfer Co. and can relate to both statements. There are wonderful people and my neighbors couldn’t be more friendly. With that being said, there is still lots of work still to go.
Here is one example.


Sure but that’s a half mile from the food hall. I used to hear gunshots all the time when I lived in Clayton for a year. It’s the American way. Thankfully no one was hurt in that incident you posted.


Renamed the topic. Let’s talk about all food halls in and around downtown.


Yeah I don’t have a good handle on what Transfer is going to be like…I’m not familiar with Bourdain’s food hall concept but to me it seems like Morgan St is more towards the food court end of the food hall spectrum whereas Transfer will be more towards the market end of the concept? Is that an apt description or did I way over simplify? (Also I believe I saw a food hall on some of the Dix master plans. Is that going to be Raleigh’s new schtick? FoodHalleigh … sorry)


Just curious…what’s your closest grocery store over that way? Do you plan on going to the Publix on Peace regularly once it opens? Or will that be less convenient than another store?