Food Halls and Grocery Stores in downtown Raleigh


I think the issue isn’t the actual safety but the perceived safety. And I think you’re probably in the minority when it comes to that perception, unfortunately.


Weaver Street Market had a meet and greet last evening at the Dillon and they’re going to offer 50% prepared foods. Their foods all looked great … fresh and local and good quality. They’ll add a wonderful walkable market experience to the downtown neighborhoods.


Any word on a time frame for them opening?


They are anticipating a January opening.


Transfer will certainly have food vendors but the place will also have food production + traditional shops and restaurants. I imagine it won’t be as busy as Morgan Street but that’s not the whole point.


Anthony Bourdain would have owned the building and all the kitchens and spaces and would hire chefs from around the world to do one or two dishes really well that would otherwise be impossible to find in the US.

There’s ten thousand different dishes found in Vietnam. Americans only know 5 or 6 dishes–with Anthony Bourdain’s Food Hall he would have rotating tours of chefs from around the world introducing America to new dishes not found in the US.


I’m assuming the vast majority of the people that hold that perception haven’t ever spent any/much time east of Person.
It’s a shame because it’s perceptions like this that lead people to not care about folks when they’re displaced from their neighborhoods or for issues to arise when new neighborhoods and old collide.


The closest is the Food Lion on Raleigh Blvd.
I prefer the Harris Teeter at Cameron Village solely for the produce.
And yes when the Publix opens I will visit there regularly, as well as Weaver St.
If anyone has visited their two locations, you know the awesome impact it will make overnight downtown.


I second this. I live on the East side of downtown and the perception, even ones as young as 5 years old, are out-dated yet linger. I’ve come to accept this and just try my best to correct people, tell them they need to get over there and just get to know it again.


Its the same perception that labels Downtown Durham as a place you should never go, which I still hear as close as Chapel Hill : /


Exactly. I call that one out also.


I can’t wait for Weaver St. I live south of downtown and currently go the whole way to Garner for groceries.
I’m 50/50 on if I’ll use the Publix on Peace but I’d really (selfishly) like one more grocery store on this side of downtown.


Have you ever been to Publix? growing up in South Florida, Publix is my Mecca.

As in, I religiously go there, even with a bunch of other options.


I haven’t been. My 50/50 split on if I’ll go there or not doesn’t have to do with them. I’ve heard they’re awesome (and employee owned, is that right? ) it’s more with the location and that’s a long walk. I can drive but is it going to be a hassle with parking etc? I’d really love something within walking distance. I’m sure I’ll end up walking up there for small trips and whatnot. (Maybe I can scooter back with all the groceries on my back)


Employee owned with some ownership still retained in the founding family. But it shows in their quality and customer service. They are amazing.


Let’s just include grocery stores in this thread as well as, in my opinion, there’s some overlap here.

I was at the Weaver street market meetup last night also. I’m impressed and am very much looking forward to them coming to Hargett Street. I hope they crush it, sending a message that downtown living is alive and well.


Lest anyone forgets, there’s going to be Weaver Street Market practically next door to the MSFH. So, redundancy to what they will be selling will likely deter similar investment in the food hall.


The point is the perception of everyone who doesn’t live right there is the key to whether people embrace the food hall or end up steering clear after the initial opening.

I’m not trying to insult the residents of that area, I’m just saying it is by no means the kind of area that typically attracts the kind of patrons the food hall is going to need. Ive been though that area looking at development for a few years, maybe every 3 months or so. I am super excited about Transfer Co. and I want them to do well. I’m just thinking out loud about the issues they may face.


I have lots of fond memories of Weaver Street from my college days. Used to walk down East Franklin into Carrboro on nice days and hang out in front of the store. I’m excited they’re coming to DTR but kind of curious about how the vibe will be. It’ll almost certainly be way different from the Carrboro location.


I’m from south Florida, and I’ve been hoping Publix would be the brave grocer to finally open in downtown since the beginning. I’m thrilled that dream came true, and can’t wait to shop there.

But I’m also on the south side of downtown and have been thinking about where I’ll be shopping for groceries in the next few years. I was schlepping to the Kroger in Garner until it closed. I dread having to go to Harris Teeter in Cameron Village because parking is like the Hunger Games. I’ve not been to Weaver Street, so I’m also excited to see what they’ll have to offer.

I think I’ll take a cue from my late grandmother and get one of those little wheely carts and take the R-Line over to Publix. At Publix, shopping is a pleasure, but this would make shopping an adventure.