Food Halls and Grocery Stores in downtown Raleigh


Can someone please tell me what Publix is known for and why people love it? What makes it better than Harris Teeter or Kroger (RIP) ?

I’m asking bc I’ve never been to a Publix in my life.


@Deb @JosABanks Would the West Street tunnel not make it easier to get to Weaver Street and Publix for you guys? I imagine a nice, wide bike lane and people on cargo bikes getting groceries to and fro. Grocery Alley just needs one more along West to make this a reality!



You just have to experience it!

Seriously though, their bakery and deli are fantastic. There are people who will do very bad things just to get a Publix sub. Customer service is top notch. If they don’t stock something you need, they will order it for you.

My parents moved to Garner a few years ago and my mom loathes the other stores here. I liked having a variety of groceries to choose from when I first moved here in 2006 (Publix has very few competitors left in Florida), but whenever I go visit my sister I get Publix nostalgia. Mostly for the bakery and prepared foods.


It would, and I’m hoping that maybe Kane’s development on Cabarrus will help make the West St Extension more of a reality.

I would have to definitely build up my hill climbing legs to make it up and back with groceries on my bike, though! It’s tough enough lugging my work clothes and lunch uphill from downtown to NC State. Can’t imagine adding a gallon of milk and a whole chicken to that load.


How about lugging 3 kids like some Dutch families? Haha


At first when you go there, it will seem like a regular grocery. Yet somehow, after eing open 20 years, the interior of one will still look like it was opened a week ago. The employees actually seem to care about helping you. Management will get you off the wall stuff if you request it, and a lot of times keep it stocked. Their deli is amazing. Their Publix brand stuff, greenwise, is really good.

Overall it is the whole experience. It is a complete grocery store. I don’t need to stop at Harris Teeter and Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I can just go to Publix.


What is so great about their deli? Its all Boars Head, just like everywhere else in the South.


It’s goinq to make my life so much easier but it could impact Tasty’s revenues as I’m no longer cutting through the Depot and popping in to grab a cold one just because I happen to be passing by. I really wish they would have done this as part of the new Union Station but I understand why they couldn’t.


I hear that Amsterdam is relatively flat, but I love the idea and would definitely need to hit the gym to be at that level!


Prepared foods like cole slaw, potato salad, etc. They have a much better selection than others.


Wait until Wegman’s opens up. I heard they scaled back their footprint for the Wake Forest Rd location but if it is anything like the stores back in NY then you will likely forget Publix ever existed.


The bikes will be electric, of course!


Awesome, something else to dodge on the sidewalks. :wink: We need more challenges in our lives. haha


If you can take the RLine, I would.
I’ll be able to walk to the new Publix as it’s only 2 blocks from me, though I’m sure that I’ll still do a lot of shopping at HT since I am usually a midnight grocery shopper and Publix will be closed. It will, however, be nice to have a place to run to to get some stuff when I don’t want to get in my car.


I split my time with Florida. I’ve never been impressed with Publix, with or without Wegmans.


With or without the West St. tunnel, walkers and cyclists can still go through The Depot parking lot to access the other side of West and Harrington.


The biggest thing about publix IMO is the customer service. The employees really are super helpful. The bakery/deli are good but not earth shattering. Their prices are just as high as Harris Teeter so I very seldom go there. Some people swear by their sale prices (just like at Harris Teeter) but I’m too busy to only buy stuff when it is on sale. It’s mostly Food Lion for me.


I am a HT man myself. It’s all about variety and besides they have one next to my work and one about every couple of miles from my house :blush::heart:


You could drive a car. There’s a whole parking deck being built with the Publix…


I believe the Cary/Morrisville area one scaled back, but I think the Raleigh one is still supposed to be unchanged.