Food Halls and Grocery Stores in downtown Raleigh


I went to the Publix in…Cary or Morrisville? It looked like a big Harris Teeter. I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I mean I’m pumped for it to be the downtown grocery store, because it was definitely very nice. I’m curious to see what Wegman’s is like as well, since I’ve never been in one.

I just shop mostly at Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter for cheaper craft beer and normal person snacks. Whole Foods has some of the most helpful and friendly people I’ve ever seen. Trader Joe’s too. Maybe I’ll change my tune about Publix tho when I inevitably start going to the one downtown, since I’m down there every few days.


Heathens, all of you!


That takes all the fun out of it! I live practically in downtown and driving a mile or less to the grocery store seems silly. My goal is to not have to drive for the daily necessities if possible.


It’s increasingly looking like the best opportunity for that is going to be the NW quadrant of downtown.


I miss Kroger…RIP


Grocery stores have such a strange ability to create undying loyalty amongst their customers.


Yep! That’s still a huge misconception, which is crazy to me as someone who is new in the area. Some industry associations still don’t want to host their conferences in Downtown Durham due to perceived safety issues.


I like my car. It’s nice, it’s climate controlled, it has a good sound system, it’s fast, and I’m in control of my route…


I’ve only been in a few Publixes in my life, but I wasn’t overly impressed. Still, I’d go there any day over Food Lion or Lowes Foods.

I must agree with @GucciLittlePig that Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have some of the best customer service. Those are my regular shopping destinations (particularly the former) and I’ve always had great experiences there.

But back on the subject of downtown grocers, I think Trader Joe’s would be a great addition to the retail component of downtown. Their stores are compact and can easily fit into an urban form (see their midtown location in Charlotte as an example). I’d love to see it as part of the eventual N&O redevelopment project, but the more I think about it the less likely it seems given the low number of residential units in that part of downtown (though that could and should be part of the project as well). Another possible location could be on the south end of Glenwood South, near 400H, the Metropolitan, Quorum, and other buildings.

But perhaps that would oversaturate the market a bit at this moment. I think the next grocer to enter downtown will still be Harris Teeter, whenever they begin work on the Seaboard location.


I was just wondering about that Harris Teeter for Seaboard… I feel like nothing has happened with that except delays. And I just saw Oak & Dagger is closing in the space that Tyler’s left a couple years ago. I’m starting to wonder if that area is just doomed, or if this will be a catalyst for an overhaul and a real master plan.


It’s very haphazard and doesn’t feel like a real “place”. One can imagine it anywhere with its collection of mismatched buildings of varying quality, and its automobile dominant site plan.


Does anyone know how the Morgan Street Food Hall is doing? I haven’t seen anything in the press recently either good or bad?


I was in there yesterday and there was a good amount of people for 4:30 on a Thursday.