Future of Glenwood South

You can’t just ban people from being on public roads/sidewalks because of their age lol


If the shooter were 30 the limit would then become 31+. Let’s do this. It’s not hard folks.

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Or we could just ban the guns instead. Now there’s a thought.


I’d all be for states that could cut off their borders and enforce gun/no gun policies. People argue that making guns illegal doesn’t keep them out of criminal’s hands, but I blame states with gun lax laws for the criminals getting these guns. If a state could cut this off, then I would be interested to see what the results would be. I’d be curious in the differences between one state that would allow guns vs one without.

It’s a different discussion that’s not really related to Raleigh alone.

FWIW, isn’t owning and possessing a handgun illegal for those under 21?
I think that those under 21 can own a shotgun or rifle, or something like that.

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Lots of talk about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, but a lot of criminal shootings keep happening from previously law abiding citizens. Still would like to see a lot stronger gun control in this country. And we’re powerless to do that even in our city, which is fairly frustrating.


Entertainment district in a legal gun state ends up with drunk people shooting at each other? Wild. News at 11.


Yeah, the stats are pretty clear. Make guns harder to get - gun violence goes down.


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Auto fatalities follows the same trend - red states are more dangerous than blue states. But hey, at least it warm and the taxes are low.


Sorry if this is off topic :grumpy_cat:

FWIW I saw something about this on WRAL this morning. Fayetteville, NC is trying to do exactly that albeit with people aged 18 and under. Not saying this is the answer, but just providing some context/info.

Fayetteville City Council to discuss youth curfew after residents protest proposal (wral.com)

After taking a closer look at the 8 arrests made for illegal firearms on Glenwood this weekend, I concede that the issue isn’t the under 21 crowd as the other 7 arrests were aged from mid 20s to early 30s. That suggestion was definitely based on anecdotal evidence that there’s been a lot of teenagers hanging around late at night.

Consider my earlier suggestion revoked, but I still don’t believe the root cause of the uptick in violent crime is the many people actually having fun at bars. The “scene” of it all might be drawing in the folks that are causing issues, but why should the many who enjoy Raleigh’s entertainment district without issues every week be punished for those that show up with bad intentions?

We aren’t the first city to have this problem. Hopefully our city leadership is working with leadership groups from other cities that have had similar problems before and now have vibrant and safe entertainment districts.


Soapbox warning. I don’t understand the thought process for feeling like someone needs to carry a firearm on them everywhere they go. (Non gun owner here) This weekend I took two of my kids out for lunch and the guy at the table behind us had a handgun clipped onto his hip the whole time. Seriously?!? If you are THAT uncomfortable going out into the world unarmed, maybe you need to talk to a professional. When did we get to this point in society where people are so afraid to go out into the world unarmed on the off chance that anything would ever happen to them otherwise?? I made a decision a long time ago that I refused to live in fear. If you let the fear (of anything/everything) get to you, what is the point of life?


I don’t disagree with what you are saying, but I’m not sure the people carrying the guns at 2 am on Glenwood South are doing so because they are afraid to go out into the world. Curious where you were at lunch, if you don’t mind?

FWIW, the only time I’ve seen someone carrying openly was at Harris Teeter in North Hills one Saturday evening last summer. Had it tucked in the back of his jeans. It was…startling.

We went to a Waffle House in north Raleigh. I also noticed the shirt he was wearing, which was also not a surprise. (That’s all I’ll say about that).

But, yea not my first handgun sighting in a fairly regular place over the past month. Sure have a gun to go to a shooting range, hunting, whatever… But going out for lunch or groceries and feeling like you need to carry a gun b/c you feel threatened or like the cops are out to get you, come on.


Let’s leave the gun rights discussion at home, just like your guns when you come to downtown Raleigh and all affiliated forums.

Back to the topic.


I agree that we should stay on topic of Glenwood South, but with guns being pertinent to the issues in Glenwood South, I am open to guidance about how we talk about the topic without straying outside the sandbox.

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Yeah. So sounds like local policies to address the gun issues would be on topic but back-and-forth about gun rights in general are off topic.

We can try it but generally this doesn’t end well.


I think a plausible and much easier solution would to increase the price to park in the district and force more people to park further away. The city could then encourage landlords to make more on street permit only parking.

In theory, it would make potential criminals or fight starters more hesitant to cause a scene if they have to run a couple of blocks to get to their car in order to avoid police.

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Anything we can do to reduce the number of cars is a win IMO. In addition to making parking more expensive, we could also create/enforce a no-cruising law, police speeding, police noise from the cars, and make roadblocks to test for DWI a regular thing.

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Need more condos for ownership. Skin in the game like John. Less transient with an older more mature crowd. You can bus in us Chatham peeps for some stability but we have to be home by 9pm tops. Nothing good happens after that.