Future Perfect: things we wish DTR has (but doesn't exist yet)

As we all know, most of us on this site like to look at new buildings/projects and fantasize about where things could go or what real estate or public works opportunities are just over the horizon.

But what if we take it up a notch? Forget what’s already in the pipelines right now; what do you think could Raleigh use that the rest of us haven’t heard of? What opportunities off the beaten path are out there?

For example, I found this article that introduces a way to use AI (generative adversarial networks) to design building floor/programming plans -no matter how odd or funky a building footprint may be shaped. What if this was used in the old Cargill site or the Iron District?


The one thing that disappoints me in the Dix Park plans is that it is missing that one BIG spectacular thing. I was thinking maybe something like the Skyride in Spokane WA would be pretty cool. Running from somewhere downtown to the park. Would make the Dix park a lot more accessible from downtown.


Omg I can already imagine the pearl clutching this would cause with the Dix Purity Force.


That made my dentures fall out.


LMAO that is too much!


Dix Purity Force


That would be amazing!

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I too would like to see Dix have its one big thing as well, but I’d expand that to say that I’d like Raleigh to have its one big thing.
But, as you all know, I’d settle for a multi-screen cinema right now. :wink:


I totally agree with everything you just said! :sunglasses:
By the way, I’d be interested to know, what if any, experience do you have attending the current Marbles IMAX Movie House? :thinking:

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I’ve attended a lot of movies at Marbles, and it’s a great resource because it’s a true IMAX experience. I even attended an after midnight showing of The Last Jedi when they were running the showings for 30 straight hours when it opened.
However, it’s not a full blown multi-screen cinema with lots of options and the potential to energize an entire neighborhood by providing potential shoppers, diners, etc. on a rotational basis throughout an afternoon and evening.


John. Keep hope alive!! Lol


We should srart a GoFundMe for John’s movie theater.


Nah, I’m just hoping that Raleigh’s developers are secretly trolling this community and they’ll eventually capitulate just to shut me up.


The only thing they listen to is the quarterly earnings report and the latest podcast on advance beige color technology.


I wish there was a water park.


There were rumors that someone wanted to build an indoor/outdoor water park-hotel resort at that old abandoned hotel on Capital right off 440. Never came true obvsly :frowning:

I should do this. Crowdfunded

Definitely need some sort of signature piece. Think of all the worlds major cities, they all have one (or more)

Paris - Eiffel Tower
London - Big Ben, Eye
NY - Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building
LA - Hollywood sign
Seattle - Space Needle
Berlin - Brandenburg Gate
St. louis - Arch
etc.etc. etc.

Not sure what this could be for Raleigh. Smaller to mid sized cities have tried this with mixed results.

Someone in another thread already mentioned the Memphis Pyramid
There the Sunshpere in Knoxville.

I don’t think it needs to be huge or crazy design. But it does need to be unique and recognizable


My god a 40 story can of creamed corn.


Giant Acorn (100+ feet tall) on top of Dix Hill with a viewing are under the cap.

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