General Parking Discussion

I was wondering the same. I’d have expected peak times to be F-Sat evenings; wonder what the occupancy is like then.

I’m not in Raleigh nearly as often as I used to be a decade ago, but back then I’d definitely encounter a few evenings where I didn’t find a spot until the top level or two of the deck. Still, we’ve got more than enough parking.

Having walked through those parking decks on F-Sat, they are almost dead empty. Anyone that complains about parking on the weekends being difficult is not aware of the existence of the parking decks.


That’s so drastically different than what I remember from my college years, wow.

Does anyone know if the state has any plans whatsoever to build something on this enormous block-sized surface parking lot on the corner of Wilmington/Jones?

Or, likewise, the other one next to it on Person St. which is just as bad.

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The History Museum expansion will develop the adjacent block in Phase 2, supposedly. First phase will just be a renovation of the existing building I think.


Isnt this where the Gov’s reception rooms are going as well?

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when i enter a city i am unfamiliar with I always look for a parking deck to park for desired foot or bike travel.