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We ended up at Moore square and there were many people boozing out there, it was awesome.


Great picture. Could be on the VisitRaleigh site.


Guys look I created this page not to glorify Raleigh differences were a different city yes but however a everything to hillbilly here. I mean Rolesville (Raleigh Suburb) is hillbilly but gosh a little more fun there than here. I mean with the MLS deal I heard a lot of people say they don’t care about MLS they want events downtown or negative thoughts about it won’t happen all they needed is to upgrade the stadium in Cary and they’ll be good. Of course I can’t control everybodys mind but, when we do proggressive things or propose something that get Raleighcloser to it’s potential y’all get hillbilly about everything. And what upset me is that you guys said MLS is a Ponzi scheme it obviously is not if that was there target 30 for now. That you excuse to Charlotte getting a team a beating us and possibly killing our chances of ever getting a team we need to hate Charlotte. It’s great to be educated however even if was a Ponzi Scheme at least Raleigh in it gives some noriety may even helped noriety sometimes money is better than education casue you relying what’s been taught. Now I ain’t no psychologist but that’s kinda true this education mindset helps us makes us one of the richest areas in the country but we let it takes up our proggressive ideas and doubt stuff, that could actually make us a nice proggressive city. We let Charlotte get MLS under the rug and it’s partially our fault as a community. Also on Downtown buildings and Ib general why do we need a planning commission I mean some cities have that but an appearance Commission what the hell is that. I don’t see anything in 210 Fayetteville or 506 Zimmer wrong it actually knock the status quo John Kane-type architecture out the box Okay. it won’t effect traffic I don’t know why there’s studies on that and furthermore what’s wrong with it. And why does it need to be long planning process and building process it should be access a permit and go especially for repeat builders. Everything should not be processed 1-3 years for building design. It should be reformed if you I want keep it. If MLB Raleigh were to happen it we need to welcome it with open arms and to the mystery billionaire welcome him not vet him make him out to be anti-Raleigh or pro taking over the city council, we need to call our politcians to support it be supportive of it here and on social media and tell him not to put it on state property maybe Dix Park or something.

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No I know it’s that I mean on proggressive things like buildings and professional teams, and big events

Did I see in the N&O that the Nation Guard flew over DTR yesterday? I was pretty sleepy while reading my phone this morning (I fell back asleep,lol). But I am curious if any of our many fine photographers got a picture or two of this event?
Its pretty cool when you get bet big planes & the skyline together. There may be a few folks here who remember when the Goodyear Blimp came to Raleigh, late 70s I believe. I guy at the end of my block wrote for the Raleigh Times & got to ride in the blimp, so they came right over our street. It was massive. Any who, just curious if anyone in our community caught it on camera.


Thanks @dtraleigh. I don’t instagram, so I appreciate you grabbing this for us.
That’s a big plane.
I also like how in this photo the old CP&L Bldg (Duke Energy now?) looks like it is smoking, lol.

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Yeah bit there not enough to do here no tourist attractions just for normal people not enough there needs to be Amusement Parks, are a Ferris Wheel on the skyline. There needs to be more, of course I know were better than other cities i’m trying find a way to make it even better for citizens, and tourist.

Any translators in the house? Bueller?



All I’m trying to say there needs to be more things to do for Tourist, and citizens.

Not sure if there’s a better thread for this but wanted to thank all the Veterans and active service men and women on the site for your service. My grandfather was a WWII Navy Chaplain and I have the utmost respect for your sacrifices. Thank you.


My great-uncle, a first generation American citizen whose name I carry, died leading his men in Okinawa near the very end of WW2. Most of us likely have stories of brave forebearers who gave their lives for this country. May we all honor their memory.



Is that Jay Leno’s house?


Not sure where else to put this, but the 2021 Q1 Quarterly Market Report is out from the Downtown Raleigh Alliance:


This is awesome! Highlighting what is actually being prioritized versus what should be prioritized is the first step to improving our approach to urban design/road design.


Let’s wrap parking decks with this!!!


I didn’t know where else to put this.