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I don’t know if theirs already a General Raleigh Conversation but if there is I’m sure Leo will merge it if not I’m glad I started one. I have seen as this website shows that we are not really an aggressive city their good ideas on this site but still hard to imagine any of this. like if I saw a billionaire come to Raliegh to help MLB come here or just a billionaire, in general, this city would have an anti-billionaire reaction we would act like he needs to be vetted, also Raleigh reaction to 40-stories was sad. Even sadder going back to sports MLS when Malik said when initially publically proposing ML:S Downtown South he said polling said the residents don’t really care about MLS they just want events downtown, I was appalled and sad. It feeling sometimes the city wants to still be a sleepy town. now that could’ve have been NIMBY’s in that poll but we don’t know. I know right now this is a little irrelevant due to COVID-19 but once everything gets back to normal we need to be a bussing big city with some aggressiveness. And just In general for major building projects downtown, the planning and appearance commission takes this long to build I know for perfection and premier architecture is good but it still does not need to take that long really not aggressive I bet if it was built for amazon we’d be scrambling to approve it. Even Amazon HQ2 was a failure and a fraud cause he just wanted t to choose his living spots still not aggressive. What’re your thoughts? Respond below here.

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I often feel that Raleigh has so much potential to becoming a great city, not that it isn’t but can be better. quality mass transit is badly needed,better walkability through greenways and along downtown districts. A stronger Infrastructure around the region,and much needed affordable housing.Not bashing Raleigh in anyway, just that it simply needs to take Bold steps and to implement and innovate new plans and create a Downtown that we all can love. Raleigh is a fun city with many events throughout the year. Yes, we are Not New York City, nor are we Atlanta or Charlotte, or Los Angeles, we are Raleigh and I like that.


I don’t know how old you are or where you have traveled. However, I’m not sure you realize how good we have it here relative to the majority of the world. Low crime, relatively low poverty, and an educated population. We are just now becoming a city, patience. Quality over quantity.


If U are referring to my comment, I have traveled around the globe long enough to appreciate life itself. I was Just expressing my opinion to the comment above. I love Raleigh and have no plans of leaving, just that the city could use some improvements and upgrades, that is all. Originally from NYC so again, very happy where I am right now.


He isn’t talking about ya.

Yes I have been Charlotte. New York, Miami, Orlando and the metro, Tallahassee, New Orleans, Atlanta, u
Washington D.C., Richmond, Philadelphia, through Columbia. Just about every Eastern seaboard city except for Boston. There are all different Charlotte being the most and compared to those cities Raleigh is lacking I mean not all have amusement parks but have some sort of party enjoyment hanhout in Raleigh for citizens and tourist and we’re lacking tourist stuff.


You kinda sounds like a Nimby

I"m Sorry, my apologies. :relaxed:

Yeah you good it just me and @Boltman

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Hmmmm. I know why I don’t have children…


Agree 100% I’ve been to some places abroad that were rough enough to make me wish I were in Camden, NJ or Gary, IN.

My parents are from Gary. It ain’t pretty.

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Oh, I’ve been there. Rough place.

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I agree with Maverick and for the record - I’m 36 and have traveled extensively. Raleigh is a fine place and if you are comparing us to the rest of the world then yes, we have it better than many places but for a city that is one of the fastest growing in the country and constantly mentioned in the top 10 of all the stupid internet rankings; sometimes I feel like we are stuck in the dark ages of city building and urban planning. Development is still 90% sprawl and transit/pedestrian infrastructure is an afterthought - especially with the state DOT. Might be the most incompetent DOT in the country. But sure, its getting better and the weather is nice.


Hate to agree, but…

The dirty little secret out there is that most of the fast growing cities in America are becoming more suburban. They just hide that fact behind a few large tower developments.


Are there any bars serving booze on a patio anywhere? Having heavy withdrawals today with this weather… bout to brown bag a screwdriver in Nash Square like an alcoholic


I’ll meet you there.

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Just had a few at Fred Fletcher Park. :shushing_face::shushing_face: