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From Wral today


That’s funny. When I visited Australia, we were told all the Mexican restaurants over there are terrible. We said, screw it, tried one (I know, I know, it’s just one) but it wasn’t great at all. I’ll give them a shot though.

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Good for them and those in need! :smile:
Although, I don’t go within a mile of ANY Mexican restaurant…::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Seeing the food on google it looks like fancy taco bell-Chipotle combo. It will be popular in Raleigh for sure. Good for me, as the authentic Mexican food scene is still pretty sparse.


Looks good, but… n o w a y :scream:

:rofl: at Australian/Mexican restaurant

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I’m glad they have found a tenant. When retail spaces sit empty it is bad for downtown. Developers are less inclined to try to activate ground floor space/ build retail if they see space sitting empty.

I’ll give the new spot a shot when it opens up.

Uh… there is authentic mexican literally ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE. When it comes to mexican street food, there’s about a billion taco trucks that look like they are going to break down any minute, half the time the owners have limited english and three quarters of the time there isn’t any english on the menu. The food is authentic though. Ask a latino.

Personally, I can’t stand most authentic mexican. Sorry, but they can keep their cow head. And tongue.

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Authentic in downtown. This is a downtown Raleigh board after all. You can find pretty good Mexican food all over North Carolina…I know I’m Mexican, güey! DTR however is a pretty big void of it. If you don’t like cow tongue and cow head–don’t worry there’s plenty of American taco places in Raleigh.


After sitting here thinking on this for several seconds, you are correct. The closest is going to be on Capital blvd. There’s a good place on New Hope Church rd. There may be something on S. Saunders, but I haven’t frequented many places in that area. But as far as DTR proper, as in the grid, no, I don’t think you will find authentic mexican.

And I’m going to apologize, because I’m an idiot over here thinking you’re an ignorant (literal definition) white dude who probably has no clue what actual authentic mexican is. Francisco, derp on me.


I will formally accept this apology. If you wish to go above and beyond please donate to my Make A Taco Foundation, funds will be used to open an all-night taqueria within Downtown Raleigh.


I’d bathe in mole poblano.


I would like to come please.

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Whether it’s good or bad for retail space to sit empty seems like its a function of price and location. If that is the single most expensive retail space per sqft in the City then who cares if it its empty? If it’s dirt cheap and still empty you probably have issues. Anywhere in between those extremes and its debatable within the context of what type of downtown you want to see. It is not objective.

So Centro has tongue…authentic? I like it, but curious to know how things slot in. Angela is amazing and I feel like she trends authentic on the high end sorta like Jose & Sons but I really don’t know. Cheers.

Off topic (new thread?) but I want to mention some downtown adjacent Mexican that are worth knowing about. El Toro Taqueria (and market) is an easy jaunt down South Saunders near Renaissance Park and has great food. Also handmade tortillas and cheese for sale in the market. Muy delicioso.

My other go to is the El Rey Del Taco truck that’s often on Hodges near Wake Forest. They make their own tortillas as well and have excellent tortas that use bread from Neomonde.


And El Toro Taqueria does have beef tongue.

Yes, let’s start a general food thread. Go crazy!

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I like Oro very much.

Whoo! :partying_face:

Last time I was there I was asked if I wanted rice OR beans. And then it came inside a bowl shaped tostada.

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