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I eat at Manhattan Deli once a week. One of the few places that was open during almost all of the Covid. They are very busy. Fast service. Friendly. Great variety. And good. Must be a LOT of people who think the same as i with all the repeat business it gets. I loved the owner’s responses. Very funny.


Yeah, Manhattan Cafe is a staple for a lot of people in my office. It’s definitely in my weekday lunch rotation. The owner has no need to bother with online reviews, I think.


There’s funny and then there’s seething ‘triggered’, I see it as the latter in this case and while I do occasionally go there, if another option with better quality food came around I’d stop since I don’t think some of those comments were trolls, and have some truth to them. My coworkers shrug their shoulders when ending up deciding to go there because there aren’t too many other options at the moment. I usually prefer Crema and Union.

Speaking of other options, do others keep seeing movement in Oak City Meatball space? I occasionally notice people in there but can’t tell what’s going on if anything.

Isn’t OCM still open?

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Yes they are, and are booked up for reservations from 6-8pm tonight, so they’ll be busy this evening.


Great! Looks like I’ll have my alternative to Manhattan, plus that reminds me I like Sosta’s salad and foosball more (and a less thin-skinned owner :wink:)

Lots of Spring Food News updates from WRAL:

  • Tap Yard grand opening March 25th

  • Gravy Spring Wine Dinner in their wine cellar April 14th

  • 13th Annual Cuegrass Festival on Fayetteville Street April 15th

  • Two more spring Supper Clubs at Heights House - April 17th, May 22cnd

  • Brewgaloo on Fayetteville Street April 21-22


In the wood for my dad’s bithday. Went to Jolie for dinner. An excellent meal. Best snails I’ve ever had. Everything was great and it did feel like you were in a european bistro, as in tables right against each other. I only knew to go thanks to this community. Thanks to everyone for the tip, and if you need a special night out it was worth the money.


I’m so glad!

Both times I’ve been to Crawford’s restaurants the food was excellent and the service was friendly but spacy. I’m hoping with covid out of the picture the professionalism has tightened back up a bit.

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The sevice was spot on tonight. Check ins but not hovering.


My wife and I went to Jolie last night to celebrate moving into the neighborhood! May have seen you there.


Congrats on the move! Great neighborhood to be a part of!


You couldn’t miss us, we were sitting in the hostess stand, lol. 630 till 830

Ah yeah, we got in at 7:15! Were on the rooftop though, really cool experience. Food was phenomenal, so were the drinks.

We’re excited to finally be able to walk places! Maybe I can start making some meetups once we get settled and stop living out of boxes. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy in a year or two, but we’re super happy with this rental for now, especially for the price (which I imagine is primarily due to the pending rezoning…).


I had the snails when they first opened and they were served not in a shell, in a sauce which didn’t appeal to me. Is that still how they’re served?

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Yes. I had them at Perry’s over the holidays. There they were unshelled in that special baking dish with the little puff pastry top. I much prefered these in the garlic and herb sauce with toasts. I don’t think I’ve ever had them avec shell.

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Dreamville X Crocs pop-up shop coming next week.


I guess Crocs and socks are a style now:


207 S West Street - one of these empty storefronts!

“…beginning Wednesday, March 29 through Friday, March 31 with hours of operation running from 12 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily. The limited-edition apparel collection will include varsity jackets, crewnecks, joggers, t-shirts, and more. Limited quantities will be available for purchase at the pop-up shop, and any remaining apparel items will be made available for purchase online at


This is a win. Great way to activate otherwise dead space in an active part of DTR.