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I’m a little sad given we used to frequent Little City even before we moved into the West in 2018. That said, the vibe changed considerably and I know they struggled to get a solid brew master to run the program there. The new concept sounds like they’re pulling in their Linus and Peppers background into the LC space with a flare. I hope it’s wildly successful!


Haven’t made it to V Pizza (or Flask) myself to gauge this concept off that business,
Building out an al fresco parklet where the food truck has typically parked sounds interesting enough…

I don’t think this got reported on the forum yet?

Local nominations:

  • Ajja: Best New Restaurant
  • Preeti Waas, Cheeni Indian Food Emporium: Best Chef: Southeast
  • Bittersweet: Outstanding Bar
  • Crawford and Son: Outstanding Hospitality

I hope we, as a city, can take advantage of things like this to change the narrative that Durham is the only foodie city in the triangle.

Hell, we are the only city that received any noms this year from the triangle.


Heh heh heh. I see what you did there…

Ashley Christensen just announced that Poole’s Diner is expanding into the former Poole’side Pies space nextdoor.

I’m interested to see what they do here. I’ve always liked the dark, cozy feel of Poole’s, so it’s hard to imagine that same feel in the airier and brighter Poole’side space.

She also mentioned that Poole’s weekend brunch is coming back, and I’m here for it.


I feel like this will be a good thing for Poole’s (much like the Beasley absorption of Chuck’s) but there’s no doubt this creates an interesting integration opportunity.
Looking forward to them bring the brunch back (hopefully for both Sat / Sun) and excited to see to how the wood fired oven finds its way into old favorites and new goodies on the menu…


Crazy to me that we don’t have more cuisine variety in downtown. I just had Chicken Jollof from a Nigerian food truck just a 5 minute drive out of downtown. Could a Nigerian place survive in downtown? What about a Chinese pulled noodle place?


We need a cheap strip of shops to support a destination of ethnic cuisine. Take an abandon warehouse and chop it up into cheap space


It would seem to me that this was the intention of the food hall model. Rent out small stalls to “start up” businesses and then have a common dining room.


Maybe we need a food hall for a purpose. Whatever happened to that city sponsored food hall concept? Never happened.


This should be part of the DOT blocks, small ki tchens along with small retail stalls. NH has innivation district, Old East could have The Incubator. Incubator Market IM
I.M. name of biz* could be a clever marketing brand.*


I guess but the food halls are too mainstream…

Imo, The gold standard for ethnic cuisine destination in the triangle is here:

Cary, North Carolina

So many great spots in close proximity. Unfortunately it’s on the redevelopment chopping block


This is the link that was included in the article…

Hady’s is downtown and specializes in West African cuisine. They’ve been fantastic every time I’ve tried them.


Homie the ONLY people that say this are the people that live in Durham LMAOOOO - we’re good!


I think a city-sponsored food hall is a great idea – like a business incubator for the food industry. Small restaurant/food truck expansions can’t afford the current food halls’ crazy high rents.


Put it on Fayetteville Street. Two birds with one stone


I immediately thought of this after your previous comment. SAS ti bear it’s on the development block.

I saw cars waiting in the drive through today at Cook Out’s Taco Roos concept on New Bern (next to the original). It was a quick pass by so not sure if it’s officially open yet, though, could be a test run.