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Arrow’s official (temporary!) closure announcement

Good Afternoon,

If you are receiving this email, it means you’ve come into our Downtown Raleigh shop for a cut this year. We truly appreciate you doing so.

With that said, it is a bummer for us to send you this email, as the main point is that we are temporarily closing our Downtown Raleigh shop, with full intentions of reopening stronger than ever in September.

Post-COVID we have had consistent trouble staffing our Downtown Raleigh shop. This challenge has been relatively unique to this shop; our other nine shops have rebounded much better.

After many months of challenges, we decided our best course of action is to temporarily close the Downtown Raleigh shop. Our plan is detailed below:

  • We are moving the three current Downtown Raleigh team members to other Arrow locations. We have given these team members moving bonuses in appreciation of their flexibility. More detail on where these team members have landed is below.

  • We will reopen in September. We will be handpicking a group of current Arrow team members to be the reopening team. We expect to have a great team of experienced Arrow team members when we reopen.

  • While the shop is closed, we will continue to pay our landlord in full each month. We will pay all vendors in full each month. We remain committed to this location long-term.

Please know:

  • We are not planning to make a similar decision to temporarily close any of our other locations. We are thankful Arrow is a solid business. We are especially grateful for having the strong support of thousands of customers.

  • We take pride in giving all of our customers “over-the-top” service. We believe we are offering this level of service at all of our other shops. We believe we will be positioned to do the same at our Downtown Shop when we reopen.

  • We are committed to downtown Raleigh in general. We are encouraged by the businesses that are coming back to work downtown, the development of new buildings in the area and the strides we’re making as a city. Arrow wants to be part of downtown Raleigh’s culture long-term.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, we encourage you to contact us at


As someone who’s folicularly challenged, it’s been a long time since I paid someone to cut my hair. I’d like to know how much it costs these days so that I can make myself feel better about being :man_bald: AF.


At Arrow it’ll run you $30-$40 depending on style and length.

Not saying it can’t be improved upon or isn’t something of a challenge for DT businesses but this another example of the “leaving bc of crime” narrative being - at best - overblown.


Or there’s a reason they can’t keep the place staffed when all their other locations are fine, and that reason is the crime/bad area/whatever that they didn’t actually directly come out and say.


Or maybe stylists need affordable (workforce) housing downtown because they can’t afford to live near their work?


Maybe but that is also just speculation and doesn’t really make sense within the context of what they themselves have said or what they are doing (opening back up in a few months in the same spot).


Most of em are probably driving to work. This is the only one of Arrow’s locations that requires their employees to walk .3 miles to get into the front door and .3 miles back.

Oh the horror of it all! :walking_woman: :walking_man: :zombie:


And, given the cost of housing DT in the last few years, these employees very likely live equally close to another arrow location, if not closer. i enjoyed this place

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regular cuts are $29 now

and I was gripping to my barber because he went up to $13. Course he doesn’t have beverages.

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Well that makes sense because a can of Trophy x Arrow IPA runs for $15. They only SAY it’s free but you’re still paying for it with the haircut!

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“Chef Scott Crawford’s “Much Anticipated” Brodeto opens for dinner service on Friday, March 29th!”
My wife got an email announcing they are now taking reservations.


I was going to suggest it for the April meetup, but since you tightwads don’t even want to pay for a beer and haircut, we’re going the following night instead.


Maybe beer and a head shining? :man_bald:


Probably nobody cares but I’m thrilled to report that the Hargett St Laundromat location is no longer slated to be a hemp ‘farmacy.’ They updated their website and removed the plans.

I’ve seen people in there recently. A bunch of stuff pinned up on the walls - certificates of some kind? Fingers crossed for a bodega or something like that but it’s back to being a mystery.


Anyone know what this is?
Corner of Martin and bloodworth?


3 story residential [characters]

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