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it is residential duplex over the existing commercial building. Pretty cool as it will add two living units while maintaining the 1st floor commercial.


This is fantastic. That’s the exact kind of incremental density I wish we saw on every other corner in the city


Maybe it’ll open one day?


Their IG does say coming in early 2024:

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Honestly I thought the story was written so poorly that it left the situation an open question. You have to read between the lines to deduce that they felt threatened either for race related reasons or some other safety issue. And then the bit about blaming the landlord for showing the space was very strange. I dunno man.


I don’t know how moving the store to another location solves the issue. If she’s getting threats and creepy sorts of calls, does she think that ends due to location? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Either way, this is a disgusting commentary on state of our society.


The reporting didn’t go into too much detail because the post that started the story didn’t either.

They did share some texts, but only the ones with the landlord where the landlord said they were showing the space and the tenant felt threatened since they wanted their move completely confidential. This situation sucks, but the owner of the building does have the right to show the space.

If I felt unsafe in a space I was renting, I wouldn’t expect my landlord to potentially lose out on money to make me feel safe, I’d consider that something I’d be willing to spend a bit more on. If the tenant wanted this completely confidential, it should have been communicated and negotiated. Expecting it to just happen doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I’d be curious as to what extent they tried to resolve this. Did they get the police involved? If they did, what was the reaction? Part of the latest post on ‘Raleigh Magazine’ is that crime in Downtown Raleigh is way down:

It even mentions the following quote:

In November, we reported DTR crime had increased 60% over the previous eight months as compared to the year prior. Now, incidents running the gamut from aggravated assault to lesser (albeit annoying) evils like harassing phone calls, are improving across many categories

Wonder if this is directly addressing them. Either way, this whole situation lacks a ton of context makes it difficult to know what to think about it.


From how I read the text message posted in their social media post, it sounded like the threats they were receiving were specifically related to their presence in downtown.

They became too popular on social media and the news “showcasing” businesses that are “black-owned” allows these businesses to become targets.

Their business went viral nationwide on Twitter and Instagram last month for being the only woman and black-owned book store in Raleigh. I’ve never appreciated how we single out these businesses and open them up for target practice.


Logans is changing plans and is moving to the Garden Center in the Farmers Market next year. Signed a 10 yr lease with the state yesterday. Personally, i like this location much better than the Tryon one. Owner said when they saw the lease on the market “it was a match made in heaven”.


This is kind of sad honestly, I was hoping we could keep Logan’s downtown. That said, I can certainly appreciate the appeal. The same type of people who go to the farmer’s market are likely the same type of people who would love a nice flower shop. Great business accumen, but they’ll be missed.


This makes sense now since the permits were already filed to move the current building to the north end of the site. Probably moves the Seaboard redevelopment project up now that they don’t have to wait on a new-build Logan’s facility.


thing is, it wasn’t going to remain downtown regardless - it would’ve been even further removed. This is a HUGE win for Logan’s and for the Farmer’s Market. Just hoping they keep the lil cafe element - more food options at the FM (currently just the greasy southern kitchen, greasy hot dog stand and then the greasy seafood place lol) … those chicken salad sandwiches would be a WELCOME addition.


I’m really curious what form Logan’s is going to take out at the Farmers’ Market. I hope that it can retain a strong identity in that location.


Exactly. Last time I went I confirmed that they would be closing at the end of this year regardless. I go to the farmers market for plants (and food) probably more than Logan’s, so I’m thrilled with this. And they have plenty of space in this established, convenient location. Definitely a big win.


I am REALLY excited for this location. Realistically, it’s not much more removed from downtown than the current location, especially considering how downtown is sprawling South.

You also have to think that the Lake Wheeler road improvements are coming in the next couple of years which will even further connect the Farmer’s Market to downtown. This seems like a huge win to me!


I agree that the Farmers’ Market is vast improvement over going out on Tryon, but I will point out that their current location is not removed at all from downtown. It’s within the downtown proper footprint.


Yes, it is right on the northern edge of the downtown proper footprint vs. the 1 mile south of the downtown proper footprint it will be in its next location. But again, downtown is sprawling south so quickly it really doesn’t seem like it’s going to feel removed from downtown.

But sure. Semantics.


10 year lease…Hopefully this is the start of evolving, dare I say escalating, the offering at the Farmers Market. Would love to see more places for artists / crafts-folx and more places for eats / snacks / provisions. *Would also be cool to have a direct connection to Dix, to enjoy a picnic in the park :thinking: