Glenwood South Restaurant/Bar Renovations

I hope they did their DD. The decor was a turn off to me

I ran by last night and was surprised to see them open. I like what they’ve done with the building! Didn’t go in.

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I’m not really a fan of the decor, either. The beer menu was also rather disappointing. But I’m pretty sure most of us on the tour weren’t exactly their target market. Judging by the drink menu alone, they are catering to the Glenwood nightlife crowd.

We had a few hors d’oeuvre versions of their food, which were pretty good. Nothing Earth shattering, though. The menu was pretty much what you would expect from a place that claims to have “better than bar food.”

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Certainly so. To finish my thought, as a musician I hope they actually perceive increased demand for quality live music in DTR. That, or they are planning to be a hokey, unsurprising cover-tune joint. I’m going to remain hopeful, since they reached out to my original, almost fusion band to play. But the signs point toward your assessment…

The line outside of this place is insane. I don’t get it. Lol


People in Raleigh love new things and waiting in line. Tin Roof combines the best of both worlds.


Can someone confirm, maybe I’m behind, but did Xoco close?

Yelp is saying closed, Google Maps is saying temporarily closed and there’s no future availability on OpenTable (but their page is still up)… so definitely maybe…

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I hope so. I went once this spring and it was terrible. I remember really liking it over the years

Yes, Xoco has closed. I also heard that the adjacent Lynk bar also closed, but I haven’t confirmed this.

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DTSB: Gone But Not Forgotten

I walked by yesterday on the way to lunch and it looked like somebody was on the patio refurbishing chairs but perhaps they were just moving them out. I didn’t pay that much attention. If I get out of the office today I’ll stroll by and see what’s up.

Thanks!!! :grinning:

There’s a new fence up around this building adjacent to the future AC Hotel.


The A/C hotel is on the adjacent lot to the north. My understanding is that the owner of Cornerstone has plans to combine and develop the former Eden Lounge space together with Snoopy’s.

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Any details on the potential development? Would that mean Snoopy’s would go away?

Yikes. I’d be happy for Snoopy’s to go away because I don’t eat hot dogs, but for another cornerstone bar? I feel like there will be riots


Cornerstone owner getting into bigger developments, so not necessarily another bar. And I’m not sure the Snoopy’s property is a done deal yet.

Snoopy’s founder died just a few days ago, too.

Closing in on Char-Grill. :shark:

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