Glenwood South Restaurant/Bar Renovations

I’m hearing the plan is to take down the V&R building and re-build together with the old Devolve Moto space.

Will the Devolve Moto space also be raised?

No. Apparently the V&R building is in bad shape and must be mostly torn down to make the space usable.


After reviewing the site plans the only thing remaining from V&R will be the “existing brick wall to remain at window sill height”. Essentially the entire building will be removed and small amounts of brick will be used to fence in the outdoor patio with portions covered for an outdoor bar.
I’m hoping they mimic the vibe of the Parliament next door, but this looks like a version of CornerStone.

Yes, the exact description from the site plan:

“The proposed project is to renovate the existing building at 304 Glenwood into a bar and renovate 306 Glenwood to serve as an outdoor bar/patio space for the bar at 304 Glenwood.”

If this is another Cornerstone, I might throw up.

Edit: There may be hope. The LLC that owns these properties appears to be somehow affiliated with Centerline. A related LLC also owns the Clark Art building.


I may throw up with you. Let’s hope it goes a different direction.


The wire service link is split by the counter that tracks the number of times that people try to access it. I copied, pasted and removed that counter from the link but couldn’t get the link to open. How did you see it?


Here’s a rendering of the street view from Glenwood Avenue.


The site plan can be accessed here, SR-6-19.

Site Plan for 304 & 306 Glenwood Avenue


It’s hard to believe that any developer would under utilize that property that fronts Glenwood. It has to be a short term hold until such time that a larger building can be developed.


Thank you very much.

About a year ago or so it was announced that a company that owns a live music venue in Nashville was planning to put a live music venue there. I personally think that’s a great direction for the Glenwood South area. I love C Grace and the Empress Room and I’ve heard that the new dueling piano bar has been popular. Having a street full of live music venues would be a nice addition for the area.


Yeah, I remember that too, but I still question such a large tract of land used solely for an outdoor patio. Clearly Glenwood South has an emphasis on entertainment, and that in itself is not a bad thing.


That was for the Clark Art Space on the corner of Glenwood and Lane.


I agree John. Charles Long owns both properties, and I assume he’s happy to have these properties redeveloped now in the style of a one-story bar/nightclub, which requires a relatively less expensive fit-out. Charles also owns the adjacent Clark Art Building, so that land could be included in a larger (higher density) project in the future.

I expect to see this redevelopment pattern happen with other GS properties, i.e. Cornerstone Tavern down the road.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath for the longevity of any 1 story building on Glenwood South, save for some of the old SFHs that may or may not be historically protected. Even then, those houses might be able to be relocated. Not that it will all happen at once, but I can imagine the neighborhood having some project or another under construction continuously for decades.


For what it’s worth, Vickers and Ruth is actually a house…an original Glenwood Ave house from about 1910 or so…walk around back and take a look…it’s more substantial than I’d thought it was from the street. Charles Long of Centerline was quoted a while ago RE the Clark Art space, though I don’t know what about exactly. He has a good history of renovating buildings for Centerline and for lack of a precise thought…doing them right. The character’s are kept and they are functionally improved too. I would have high hope anything with his hand in it, turns out well…he is a hands on type of guy. I think this little stretch of Glenwood has great potential for smaller, super creative new buildings…Clockwork, North Street Beer Station and Rockford already do that nicely…just keep coming around the corner with say a 7 story modernist thing…6 condos over retail space where Vickers is, stack a few floors over Devolve, maybe stick another skinny condo over retail thing about 8 stories were Clark Art was…good thick, but varying in style and size, urban block.

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Is that the same company that is or was going to put a place in Stags Head’s old space?

Is the Carter building (or at least part of it) also a house? You can definitely see a hip roof on the southern wing of the building.

Vickers & Ruth, when viewed from Google maps, even has a “backyard” with grass!

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Who knew? I sure didn’t. That’s insane.
I sure hope that the project salvages the house and connects it to Devolve. It sure would be a lot better than just having an empty lot next to Devolve with a giant patio/deck.