Highwoods in Raleigh

Highwoods has the potential to really impact Raleigh positively with their real estate holdings. Let’s use this topic to document and discuss where they are today and how they evolve with those investments.


Bringing the following topic over here.

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Is Highwoods publicly traded? Do we all start buying shares and then start showing up at stockholders meetings?

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The most NIMBY developer Raleigh has ever seen, truly a bastion of Livable Raleigh.

Does anyone have an easy way to do a search for Highwoods-owned properties ITB?

Second part of that, I’d be interested in finding a city they’re actually developing in (or if there’s more than 1) as a comparison.

The stereotype is they sit on their Raleigh holdings to invest in new construction in Nashville and Charlotte, but I have no idea if reality actually bears that out.


I wish I could add more color to this conversation since my wife works for the Chairman of the board at Highwoods General Contracting company. I’m not elaborating…

But today is her last day!!!


Stirring the pot?


You beat me to it! I’m like, we could all chip in and try a hostile takeover. I’m assuming most of you are millionaires and can cover me…


There you go Dylan - nothing in this world gets a faster response then twitting at them. I say that with all seriousness. When my wife is being jerked around by Delta or Hilton, she tweets at them and gets a nearly instant response. Plenty of folks following social media, not enough manning the customer service lines.


I have some $SHIB. Give me a minute and I’ll have enough.


You misspelled Billionaires with a B. This group carries a huge stick.


In pesos I am a millionaire, but all my current income is funding out of state tuition for an junior at Minnesota and my investment in VCR’s because, dangit, video taping will come back!!


The REIT is publicly traded so it’s be disclosed in their SEC filings. Frankly, they’re going to do what they’re going to do. The office market is upside down and Highwoods has shown they’re not willing to build on spec. I’m not sure how much mixed use they build, if any, but it’s worthwhile to note that all the projects with office underway have a sizable residential piece.

I heard Ed Fritsch speak before he stepped down as CEO and I believe they were very big on Nashville and Pittsburgh at the time.

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If they’re only focused on office space/commercial for new development, we might as well hang it up.

I really don’t understand the move they made on the Fayetteville tenants though. I get a rent increase, but rumor was 2x? That seems to only be a play to vacate the building for development or they have a larger tenant they want in there. Or maybe something else I’m not thinking of.

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“From a [Raleigh] development standpoint, we’re going be really measured in what we do,” he said. “There’s no set time limit.”


Basically they did a huge asset spending spree this year and probably not looking at any development happening for a while. Raleigh is still one of Highwoods’ most profitable markets…just in already built assets.


yall were talking about how to get more activity to Fayetteville St… probably the single project that could have the biggest impact would be Highwoods building the Edge and adding 17 floors of residential to it.


As @Spero said, as a public company only answerable to shareholders (who generally don’t care about empty gravel lots) they are going to what they’re going to do. Tweeting probably won’t move the needle. I think the better approach is to advocate for a land value tax.


I’m not expecting to have any impact, I’m asking if there’s any desire/intent to do something with their home town other than hold.

If only I had that kind of Twitter power!

EDIT: I’m not even expecting a response to be honest. Just putting it out there. We’re all thinking it, so I’m Twitting it. :stuck_out_tongue: