Hotels Choosing to Locate Outside of Downtown

Not downtown Raleigh, per Triangle Biz Journal. This is ridiculous. Look, i get North Hills, but it sounds like this is going to be a 20+ story project on the old Soleil Center space. This is so stupid.


A decade has passed since the untimely demise of the 43-story Soleil Center hotel project next to Crabtree Valley Mall, but activity could soon be returning to the site.

A posting on the website of Westin Hotels & Resorts says the project is slated to open in June of next year. Another website, this one managed by Westin’s parent company, lists the project as well, citing a 2019 opening.

The property is owned by Shamin Hotels of Chester, Va., which bought it at auctionin 2015 after the previous owners fell into financial troubles during the recession. Since then, Shamin Hotels has provided few details on the property’s future and didn’t return calls for this story.

The timeline laid out online would be aggressive, as construction hasn’t begun yet. But building permits have been issued for site work at the property.

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Why the strong feelings about this?

I think the frustration is we can not get these brands to build downtown. Our Renissance, out at NH; our Westin, will be at Crabtree; our Hilton, in the middle of nowhere on Wake Forest road. It is quite frustrating to visit cities much smaller than ours and see all these brands in towers in their downtowns wheras here we cant even get a hilton garden inn off the ground.


@ RobertB & DMark , I So Agree With You Both ! The same situation concerning a sports stadium too ! Every city the size of Raleigh , population wise , has a sports stadium in the downtown area !

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I changed the topic title to be more relevant. @RobertB can you edit the initial post and add a link to the story?

I’m trying to understand…if there is a need for Hotels in Downtown Raleigh…then why go Outside of DTR. ( North Hills…Crabtree…Etc…) :hotel::cityscape:

My guess would be that hotels in north Raleigh still capture downtown-related traffic so if that’s true then building on cheaper, larger land is less risky.

We should also compare the office space in north Raleigh compared to downtown. Corporate travelers drive hotel nights so it seems to me that ad more office pops in north Raleigh, so will hotels. Same logic with downtown.


Not worried/don’t care. Hotels don’t do much to make an interesting and vibrant downtown. Don’t believe me? Go hang out down around the south end of Fayetteville and Salisbury St for a bit…
At best they are an auxiliary component and perhaps an indicator of corporate health.

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That area is all business is why. However the new FNB tower is bringing in more than 250+ new residents as it is set to host 239 residential units. Maybe the two plots by the performance center will eventually host more residential units.

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One of my unloved ideas for downtown Raleigh is to make that area a park with a large fountain in it for hotel guests and permanent residents alike to enjoy. Raleigh has few downtown greenspaces compared to most cities I visit.

I agree that the big brand hotels should be downtown and the more they build outside of walking distance to our core downtown, the more impact this has on traffic given our poor public transportation options. The clientele that stay at those hotels aren’t typically the same demographic to ride buses thought that’s our only real option. Taking an Uber doesn’t reduce traffic. I think we’re making progress in DTR but having a Westin at the Crabtree Mall, where traffic is already arguably the worst in the area isn’t smart IMO.

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A 25-30 story Westin, maybe with a mixed use element (condos or apartments) would have been amazing for DT Raleigh. We need a high-end large hotel for our convention center. There are elements that seem to want to turn the land around Crabtree into another North Hills.

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Isn’t the downtown Courtyard good to go as soon as Enterprise’s lease is up this fall, or am I imagining that?

Yah, but that is a 12 story Courtyard in. A Westin is a luxury hotel, and DT Raleigh doesn’t have that. North Hills will have that when the 31 story tower goes up, and now Crabtree will have that, but DT Raleigh doesn’t.

Wasn’t there a recent news articles about the future of the convention center that states that the convention center is actively looking to build a hotel space instead of waiting for these hotels that don’t seem to be happening?


would that be a bad thing? The more dense mixed-used development the better, right?

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Does anyone know: other than the hotel behind One Glenwood being built, what is the next downtown hotel ready to break ground?
What is the status of the planned hotel across from that ugly “L Building”?
These people who announce and do nothing for months and years should be banned from Downtown develoment.

Willard hotel would be my guess

Willard, sorry where wil that be located. Is there a rendering.
Oh, is that the one at end of Glenwood Sourh?
If so, thx U for jogging my memory.

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