How I Use This Forum

The Community is about two weeks old now and has over 160 members. As the feedback comes in about the platform itself, I wanted to share, occasionally, some tips and tricks about this platform and how to do certain things.

First, I am always open to feedback, please post it here or hit me up directly.

The platform is called Discourse so feel free to read all about on their site.

The site works on many browsers and devices and if you’re coming from the Blog, it is a drastically upgraded superior way to have and share conversations. I’m hoping slowly, more and more will get into the system and utilize all the features so we can have rich conversations about downtown Raleigh.

Second, I wanted to share how I use Discourse to follow conversations and manage the site.

On my desktop, I use the main site pretty much as is. I’m always a fan of dark themes, so I have that enabled in my personal settings like so.


I hope you’ll tinker around with more of your personal preferences while you’re in here including what you want to see when you first open the site. A big one being what to show on the home page. I choose the “Latest” posts but I’m tempted to choose “Unread.”

I never have to “scroll up” when I read through the site. From the main page, I check the latest topic and it immediately moves me to the first unread post. As I scroll down, I can jump to the next topic with unread posts.

When I’m on the go, I use the Discourse app. Search for it on the Google Play store or App Store. You can then connect to forum, log in, and use it on mobile. The site is completely optimized for it.

If you prefer not to download yet another app, that’s ok too. Just bookmark the site and go to it on your mobile browser or tablet. It works there too!

I’ll keep this short and have more to share in the coming weeks and months.


Thanks Leo! This is terrific. I will be a willing student. :slight_smile:

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Hi Leo,
I love the picture of DTR…Thank you!
Any chance of getting rotating pictures or one with more daylight?

Please and thank you kind sir! :grin:

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I love the dark theme too. My only issue is that the forum logo on the header remains white, and doesn’t fit the rest of the theme. I don’t know if there is any way to include an alternate logo for use on the dark theme, but another option would be a logo with no background color and grey text so it could be used with both dark and light themes.

@RobertSanderlin The photo is attached to the theme, so I can put in a few options. Maybe this sunset one can be for the dark theme and another for the light theme. Let me work on that.

@Christopher Yes, you are right. That’s the product of about 2 minutes of work as I just don’t have the eye or talent for logo design but you make a good point and could be pretty easy to modify. Let me put that on the to-do list. Thanks!

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@dtraleigh I see you’ve already made some updates to the themes! Nice work. It definitely looks better now—especially on the dark theme.

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Love, Love, Love the new picture!

Thank you Leo


Thanks guys! Yes, I sat down and tinkered today.

Just a small update for all on some behind-the-scenes work, I plan to perform updates to the forum software around this time (Sunday night around 10pm) each week if updates exist. So far, it takes down the site for about 10 minutes and since this is a smaller community compared to most, I’m just going to launch the update without warning.

If you find yourself out here on a Sunday night and the site goes down, this is probably the reason.


Hi Leo,
Thanks for the information update as I am always checking in for the latest that our little group provides. :heart: My thanks for all that you do for everyone as is totally appreciated! :blush:

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Is it possible to change your username ?

I’m 99% the answer is no. I wanted to change mine as well.

Exactly. There’s a short period of time where you can change it but that’s shortly after you sign up. It’s set to 3 days I believe.

Direct message me if you want it changed, we can talk about getting that done.

Could you pin a list of building proposals on a bulletin board to the right of the main forum page next to the list of the sub-forums? I lose track of all of the stuff being proposed now-a-days and it would be nice to have a comprehensive list. Thanks!

I’m not totally excited about maintaining a list of project links. From my perspective, when I am on the main forum page and then select the New Construction category, I am (more or less) staring at a list of ongoing projects.

Tell me more about what you might be looking for. The categories are in place to try and filter the major items of discussion as well as just searching for what you want.

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David, here’s a google map I’ve created showing all downtown development. Red is under construction and yellow is proposed.


I was thinking of a list, not necessarily with links. But i understand where you are coming from.

Maybe this map could be on main page as a link? Thanks a lot for that!

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Is this thing broken, or just everybody hung over from the weekend? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: