Indoor Music Venues and Clubs

Could we squeeze a venue like that into the old Kimbrell’s spot? Then find a spot nearby for Goodnights? Boom Fayetteville Street gets to become the live entertainment district and gets rebirthed.


The loss of Kings/Neptunes has really been a bummer for me and my homies (and the music scene at large). It was the home base of my last two bands :pensive: Probably have played more shows at Neptunes than anywhere else.


Wow that’s wild…I didn’t even know Neptune’s closed smh. That was the only spot I actually enjoyed on Fayetteville St

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Not “closed” per se, but the rumors have been that Paul/Cheetie want to convert Neptunes into more restaurant space (presumably for additional Garland seating, or else a new concept entirely), and convert Kings into… a wine bar and event space :expressionless:

:face_vomiting: event space?!? A wine bar?! Two things that are not on anyone’s list of things we need more of.


Yeah, file that under “NO SHIT” - I guess the idea is to have the wine bar be available as a waiting area for people waiting for their tables at Garland, with the ability to be rented out for private events. The ONLY “show” they want to keep is the annual Great Cover Up (an asset to the scene, honestly). But otherwise, no more Kings/Neps as we know them. UGHHHHHHHH.

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That sucks. Hope it doesn’t happen


So what are those spaces doing today? I don’t really see any bookings at Kings and Neptune’s is open/closed, something else?

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Absolutely nothing. They’re just sitting there, unused. It’s insane. I have nothing but love for Paul and Cheetie (Paul especially, as I know him on a friendly basis) but DAMN they’re killing me with this

I’m sorry to hear that. Pour House and Lincoln have been more my homebase. Only played king’s stage twice, but it is a nice room acoustically and really should remain a venue.

Honestly that’s too much space dedicated to Garland. It’s a great restaurant, but it doesn’t need to be 5k sf… Also I guess they are going to expand kitchen? Sounds like a logistical nightmare


Exactly, thank you. My question is: wouldn’t they rather Garland be booked out and have full wait lists every night, or do they really wanna risk having a ton of empty tables in all their new Garland space?? Especially since they’ll be expanding the outdoor seating with a legit “parklet” thing (which I am totally in support of)

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Dunno why this is in the Seaboard topic, but isn’t Garland also opening a new concept in Five Points behind Anisette?

I don’t know if that’s been confirmed.

Ironic that the truck in that image is actually parked in the parking lot and not in the middle of the road like it is 50% of the time.

You know, we don’t have a dedicated indoor music venue thread so let’s do exactly that.


Excellent. I’d like to take this opportunity to call the first ever Indoor Music Venues and Clubs meeting into session! Welcome everyone.

First order of business: The Ritz sucks. [applause]


I’ll be there Saturday for the first time since BC (before COVID).
I’ll take The Ritz over not having it. The only observations I remember are 1) the columns are unfortunate 2) the PA is mounted such that it sounds best toward the back. 3) I’ve had friends complain about security being tight haha


Dropping this comment here since it seems like it could be relevant eventually. I’d rather see a larger indoor music venue downtown of course, but DoSo wouldn’t be so bad.


Agreed. It’s definitely not the nicest music venue but it’s there and gets decent acts and it’s like 2 miles from my house. But if something on the same scale comes to downtown I’m all for it.


I lament every time a band I enjoy books the Ritz. I realize it’s a money maker for Live Nation but its an unshined turd for the concert-goer. Compare the experience at the National in Richmond for similar acts. Nothing about the Ritz says anything good about Raleigh and that’s a shame.