Longleaf Hotel (former Days Inn)


TBJ just posted a story indicating that the DTR Days Inn becoming a boutique hotel (beyond a renovation). A developer obtained the property. Any subscribers out there with the down low?

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It says they also purchased the little deli next door and will be renovating that space as well to provide an outdoor patio and seating area. They also anticipate opening late summer, that seams ambitious.
Couple of key quotes that are optimistic.
-"It’ll be extensive,” he says. “This is a major investment that we are making into this asset. "
-“What we’re trying to do is complement the energy of downtown with some entrepreneurial energy.”

I’m also curious how much of that U-shaped property is actually theirs, and how much the city owns?


This could be a mockup but this new deli is teasing a sign using the former deli location here. I’ll wait for more but maybe someone knows about these folks?


Well good to hear the Days Inn will be gone


Yea that’s correct, says the guy worked with Ashley Christensen for years.

“Next door, the company bought a small parcel formerly occupied by a deli and is partnering with Matt Fern, who will open the (ish) Delicatessen at Longleaf at the site and be in charge of food and beverage service at the new hotel.”

This article seems to match the timing


And here’s an N&O story about the new Longleaf Hotel


This is a Fantastic Turn of events! And I don’t give a darn if it’s 2 stories or 200. A blight on our downtown is going to be remediated.


Perfect! Let’s start a new topic.


Austin Tx has sort of an old western style boutique hotel (Lone Star Court). I’ve always thought Raleigh could have a carolina style southern version. (something that paid homage to wrap around porches, farm houses, mill warehouse lofts, or something…)


Count me among those who was not very enthused with the idea of the Days Inn being renovated, but I gotta say it sounds like they are going to turn this into a legitimate asset.


9 months timeline for the reno… so we can expect it to be ready in 13 or so then?


If they work like these crews at the Peace project, they will be ready in five!


I’m curious to see what they do to the outside of it, because it’s never looked very appealing from what I can remember.


I was kind of hoping it was a relocation of the doomed boutique hotel proposed for Peace/Boylan. I wonder what the renderings will look like if they have plans to keep the shell of the Days Inn. Even an additional story or 2 with attractive building materials or just a good color palette would provide the opportunity for that corner block to give a more impactful, “welcome to downtown Raleigh” when coming in from Capital. Maybe some nice public art will be donated for that triangular median behind the property if we’re lucky.


I would love that but unfortunately the state owns that “triangle”. :cry:


I suppose their ownership of that parcel makes sense for DOT access for US 70 & 401 there (maybe?) but goodness, what a shame.


Also, Leo- if I may ask, what resource are you using there in your screenshot for finding out what entity owns a property?




I live next door to the proposed hotel. Since when is it doomed? I haven’t heard that.


I’d be MORE than happy if this hotel was transformed into a hip/retro midcentury hotel like some other cities are doing. Though not an ideal example of it, this sort of motel architecture lends itself fairly well to that idea. However, the exterior would have to be rid of its neo-traditional ornamentation/accents and it would have be re-stylized. Sadly, I don’t expect that this is the case. I’m expecting an update sort of renovation that doesn’t significantly change the exterior.