Longview Condos / 6 Stories

This project will be 8 miles from the NC State Capitol building and on the main bus lines. Right next to WakeMed, it features lots of smaller layout units to get prices starting at just $185K. Yes, just over $18,000 gets you 10% down to start your path to ownership.

Includes a pool, gym, and secured parking. Multiple buildings with a 2021 completion for the first one.

An interesting project with the smallest (but most affordable) units inside the beltline.


Don’t mortgage companies typically want 20% for a condo, though?

Still, very affordable for being technically ITB.

20% and above down means you don’t have to pay mortgage insurance but you can still do less for your down payment.


Hmm. I knew that was the case to avoid PMI, but I always thought most lenders wanted to get 20% on condos in particular.

That’s more like 3 miles from the Capitol.


Mostly car dependent back there and not near any other high priced properties…I bet the desirability will probably be about the same as the stuff at Atlantic and Six Forks as a best case, and as a worst case, will be bought up by landlords and be like Westover Tower. But really…if something is over $300 a sqft in this spot we are really actually doomed.

Wait so these $185k units are 600 sqft??? On New Bern Ave??? Really?

TBJ had an article that called the location “downtownish” in the headline. :grin:

There are 2 bed opportunities in some of the condos near Six Forks/Atlantic going for 160k. One bed for 125k. These are more affordable and in a much better location. Although, they don’t have a gym or pool. In the same area, if you want a 2 bed condo with 1200 ft^2 (twice the square footage) of space and a community pool, a couple condos just sold for 190k and 205k.

I assumed starting in the 180’s meant 189k so 189,000/549=$344/sqft. So its like mid 300/sqft. Yikes. Anyone who thinks a pool and gym justify that are um, not on the same page as me.https://www.longviewraleigh.com/

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Anyone see the cool artwork that just went up along Raleigh Blvd? Great for The Longview Gardens neighborhood! The city needs more “graffiti art” like this!Uploading: AAEF558D-B7CA-4E0D-8238-6AA6DD3AE708.jpeg...


Saw some dudes putting those up yesterday.


Progress on the Longview Condos from Monarch Realty:


Can’t wait to see the bulldozers roll down New Bern all the way to Raleigh Road and take out all that crappy stuff between there and downtown to start building similar projects.

I’m assuming you ment Raleigh Blvd. Either way it will probably be a few more years considering the confusing backlash some have with the College Park overhaul. Just yesterday ABC11 ran a story quoting a “longtime housing advocate” about her displeasure with the current revitalization.
I’m glad they interviewed Larry Jarvis, Dir. of Raleigh’s Housing and Neighborhoods Dept. to get his level-headed response to her claims.

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The “backlash” seems to be one person.

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Agreed, I wish news agencies wouldn’t run articles with the assumption the community or neighbors feel this way as a whole, when in reality its one or a few loud voices.


I agree, Drew. I am one of the new homeowners in the neighborhood and I can confirm I’ve been met with more welcome arms than not.


Have you been to any of the CAC meetings? This is a CAC that makes me think all CAC meetings should be live broadcast on the cities youtube channel.

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Octavia Rainey, I think I’ve seen that name before. Anyway to her comment that 54% white, 34% black and 11% Hispanic is “not diverse,” that’s basically the demographic makeup of the city! That is diversity by definition! I thought we were all trying to both eliminate the remnants of redlining in the suburbs and bring all colors of people back into the cities and integrate everywhere. I’m very very progressive (or at least I think I am), but sometimes it just seems like those on the extremes want every ethnic group or race to be siloed again.

Bringing this back on topic, I’m excited for the Longview project and hope to see more of it surrounding WakeMed.


Haven’t been a cac meeting yet but my next door neighbor who’s been here since 1957 told me it’s on Tarboro street. I plan on going to the next and getting involved. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m interested to see the energy of the crowd.