Map-Based Resource?

I am still relatively new to this community, so apologies if something like this already exists, but has there ever been any conversation about using a map-based platform to track/discuss projects?

I have maintained (with somewhat regular consistency) the link map below for a few years but could see this being a really powerful tool if it was a community resource.


That is awesome!! Thanks for sharing, and for all your hard work on this.

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Very cool. I’ve seen a map-based plug-in to add a location the topics but haven’t really explored that further as I would prefer some kind of crowd-sourced solution.

Plus, not every topic applies to a location.


Make sense. Just figured I’d see if there was any history there. If anyone knows how to make a Google Map open to anyone who wants to edit, let me know. When I shared the one above, these were the only options I was given:


Wonderful! How do you keep this updated?

I like your map in addition to this:


I believe there is a setting that allows anyone to edit these. I too make a lot of these google maps. I’ll look into it this afternoon.


What a great idea, thanks for sharing! It’s always interesting to see where the proposed projects are located and really helpful for someone still trying to learn the names of the streets!

Try this test map…See if anyone is able to edit.

Click share on Drive

Change to “Editor”
You can also make it so that only people you invite can edit.

Even though it says “anyone” you still have to be logged into Gmail to edit.

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I don’t see any tools available for editing as I would normally see.
Try DM’ing me the actual link vs embedded maybe…

Needed the direct link. Check it now.

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That worked! Nice . .

Awesome! Thanks!

Now, is there any practical use for this on DTR? Ha…

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I think so! If we keep it updated and maybe color code the lots and layers to represent Planned / Proposed / Under Construction. We could put description in the text field along with the link to the plans.

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The plans, any websites like architecture, web cams, etc and the community threads they correlate to.


Not very up to date. And shame on you TBJ!

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The timing of this thread couldn’t be any better. Hat tip, @OakdaleZach :wink:

My next blog post was going to be a review of all the 40-floor rezonings this year and last but it got me thinking about just height in general around downtown. I’m currently tinkering with this map which I can’t embed right now.

I’m taking the city’s open data on zoning and color-coding the heights. We have 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 20, and 40 stories represented here. I’m only focusing on the DX zoning type.

I still need to polish up the map just little bit and of course this shows CURRENT zoning and not any upcoming ones, which will naturally get added as the city updates their data.

Any feedback, suggestions are welcome. I need to add more info to the tooltips when you click a property.


Looks delicious!

Asterisk next to this one (really 30)

Right. The data certainly doesn’t provide the conditions. :disappointed:

The Cotton Mill isn’t going anywhere, despite it being zoned for 12 stories.

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Very interested in map-based community resources myself. ( Some of the links in this thread have vanished, though.) A crowd-sourced map would be awesome to develop. For Raleigh development activity, you may know this existing Open Data Raleigh map, though it seems to be populated with a lot of development plans from the ancient past as well: Development Plans