More Attractions for Citizens and Tourist in Raleigh

I feel like while our city is growing, and while I’m glad the Nimbys in the council are gone except for Cox, now we have to deal with the Nimby Wake County Commissioners. Still a lot of people say there nothing to do here I mean for tourist that might be something else but as a everyday person teens, kids, adults need a place to mess around at. Whether that’s Drive Shack, (hoping for topgolf to come here too) or when Cary was in “contention” for the Great Wolf Lodge, Raleigh needs more things to do for tourist and people here in an area that blank where (The Nimby at large won’t shout-out in protest like they do as attendee’s in council meetings) where we can finally have something to do here. Museums are alright but God they need to be more Attractions in Raleigh. And Major League Baseball isn’t in the picture for another 7 years.

Ehh, I hate tacky tourist stuff. Like Carowinds etc etc. Rather have nice shopping, parks, museums within nice walkable areas to draw people from their otherwise boring cookie cutter towns.


But shopping not always big ok Crabtree I’ll be a long time before it becomes Mall Of America or King Of Prussia.

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I am all in and agree that Raleigh needs and should-have-already-had attractions. :+1:

The problem that Raleigh now faces is simply that’s it’s too late. :frowning_face:
Unless…we can come up with different types of attractions, the standard ones except maybe the few museums and DIX Park have already been built and/or are literally too close to now build…IMO :thinking:

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Dix has potential to be a massive tourist attraction. If we build it to the grandeur of the master plan.


Mast General Store @ City Market


City Market if we had an ownership change. We could easily make the parking underground and add a few more slim two story buildings with a cute little courtyard/plaza where the current parking is. I always find it funny how many people take photos in that entrance into the parking lot. The photos would look nicer if the background were not just parked cars.

Think of the hidden courtyard in Seven Dials in London:


Reminds me a lot of Mexico City, Mexico! Older, yet full of color! Yeah! :earth_americas:


Not sure what’s going on with the dude on the bench!

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Would make a killing IMO. Raleigh is kind of the perfect demographic for a Mast, and with locations in Winston, Columbia, and Knoxville, it feels like a perfect Raleigh is a step up on the population ladder for a location.


Well, Raleigh is a lot like Columbus. (Have lived there, too). I’ll be the Debbie Downer, here

You can dredge Crabtree Creek forever. But, it won’t be a River.

No ocean. No mountains. No amusement parks. No water parks. No major, annual sporting events. College sports. Hockey. No home of a major entertainment industry. No glitz/glamour.

So, we’re a ‘tech’ center. State government. Universities. Great place to live, raise a family, have some craft beer.

I’m pretty happy without the tourists.


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What’s a Mast, what is it about?

I believe they tried a Mast General Store in Chapel Hill back in the 80’s. Fizzled after less than a year, and the building (460 Franklin Street) was sold. Is now the location of Carolina Brewery.

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yep UNCers have their noses to high to be caught going into an old time general store.

Sorry to say I lived in Chapel Hill for a few years, was amazed at condescending conversations I overheard.


That was 40 years ago in a tiny college town tho. Maybe it’s time for them to try again in Raleigh.

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Loved the Mast General Store when I lived in Greenville.

Mast must have a patent on squeaky floor boards. Waynesville and Boone both had it. And, it’s experiential retail (which the trend-meisters say that millennials demand), but I’m not sure it would be a fit for North Hills or Cameron Village. Those are curated for another kind of experience. Wake Forest, downtown Cary, or Apex come to mind.

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Yeah, Mast General seems more like a mountain town or small town type place. Really don’t understand the appeal, probably because I went to school in Chapel Hill, and temporarily live here… :grimacing:

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