More Museums and Venues in Downtown Raleigh

When is Raleigh going to build more museums downtown or more entertainment venues?
Put Aquarium in downtown Raleigh, ACC basketball Hall of Fame ONLY belongs here, absolutely no where else in this state, this is heart of ACC, by miles, move ACC broadcasting/ESPN to Raleigh!!!
P.S. nothing associated with ACC should EVER be in Charloootte


Well, I don’t know about more venues or museums but Marbles and the NC Museum of History are both in various stages of expansion .Marbles is moving a lot faster because it isn’t constrained by the legislature.

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I doubt this will ever happen… There are 3 State aquariums at the coast (Manteo, Pine Knoll Shores, and Fort Fisher), plus there is a pretty good aquarium in Greensboro (haven’t been yet).

Actually was just about to post something like this. I went to the Sea Life aquarium in Concord this weekend. Not a huge full fledged aquarium, but enough to be a fun thing to do! Something like that would be awesome on the ground floor of the development coming to Dawson and Jones. Looks like most of the Sea Life aquariums in the US are in shopping malls, so maybe there would need to be some substantial retail anchors as well. Could be an extension of the museum district and connect the Glenwood South entertainment district.

Where does it mention that the Museum of History is looking to expand? It’s by far my least favorite building from the outside.

So, I didn’t realize this article was three years old. It’s possible that the planning process is delayed indefinitely, since we haven’t heard anything. But, the synopsis is that the ‘story of NC’ exhibit has run out of room and can’t show anything after 1965(?), so they want to expand. The three options were
A. Expand the current building,
B. Build something on the parking lot just east of the museum
C. Move out next to the NC Museum of Art.

I’m in favor of the parking lot idea. There is such a thing as leasing/selling the airspace above the museum as well if they’re strapped for cash. First few floors can be the actual museum and whatever on top of that can be sold to a developer to build whatever: Museum Hotel/Museum Apartments/Museum Creamed Corn Factory.


Hopefully, when they do eventually expand, they’ll create a new entrance hall. The entrance today is underwhelming to say the least.

I know this will never happen, but ever since I was a kid I dreamed that the NCMNS would expand into the Dept of Ag building. Then again, I’m generally of the belief that science museums can never have too much space.

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The delay has to do with politicians, namely the GOP. Actually, I know for a fact that they are the reason for the delays. The NC Science Museum also has a pretty spectacular addition planned as well, but with the legislature we have today, you can forget funding anytime soon.


Are you in a position to say anything about the Science Museum expansion? Because they can just take my money right now if they want it.


In a non aggressive way, I want to raise a vote for not wanting this. I would love more of the other stuff first. Housing, places to work, places to shop would be on my list before any of this. I would be cool with a really creative, small, sporting event place that was as mixed use as possible. Could you redo Red Hat Amp to be a sporting event & concert space? There are already lots of reasons to go downtown for museums and events IMO, we need more people living around and doing the normal stuff in Downtown.


+1 for Creamed Corn Factory!

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How about a pig museum!!

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Not sure what I can or can’t say but I know a T Rex is part of the plan. Much cooler than just a T Rex based on what I was told

I love the free state-run museums but I’d be interested to see how one launches a private museum based on some obscure topic.

For example, my brother went to the Ice Cream museum in San Francisco. Had a blast.

I think I saw someone in my Instagram feed at a Museum of Color.

I mean why can’t we just pick something and create it? No need for historical relevance to Raleigh.

Museum of Beer

The Great Video Game Musuem

The Amazing Waffle Factory and Musuem

Sure easier said than done. I’m just saying that let’s not limit our ideas to the tried and true which includes wildlife, history, and art.

The first question though would be, “Does Raleigh have a culture of supporting a diversity of musuems?”


@Uncle Jesse, You had me at “t-rex.” The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh has three of them and it’s awesome.

I love those crazy museums. Some them might be hard to do but a beer museum with a tap house could probably do pretty well. I think the right kind of wacky topic could definitely find a place in Raleigh, though I wouldn’t expect them to locate downtown. Maybe in a dead mall or shopping center?

Museum idea I’ve been trying to pitch to various civic /development leaders since 2012: a museum focusing specifically on the sports fan experience whether by various sports/leagues around the world, or individual teams/fans that are noteworthy (Cameron Crazies, Timbers Army, Cheeseheads, Dancing Granny). So many topics for exhibits: attendance records, rise of fantasy sports, arena ticket prices, tailgating experience, rivalries. Especially with the advances in virtual reality technology… could you imagine a video room you could go in and be immersed in the final moments of the 2006 stanley cup game 7?

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Mike, that is a very good idea and sounds very entertaining. more exciting than the actual spoiled athletes.

There must be an ideal spot on the Dix Hill for an amphitheater with existing tall trees to block summer sun to the west, with the skyline behind the stage to the east. Convention Center is set to take over Red Hat site. I am curious why the delay with the Exploris School building. That gateway area is primed for something grander - Athletic Park?


Bingo. Red hat amphitheater in Dix. Unfortunately the master plan is evolving with the amphitheater to the Southwest of the main hospital, not exactly my ideal spot.

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